The Saint of Baghdad

by Michael Woodman

As tough as Reacher and as smart as Bourne, CJ Brink is a broken hero who comes back from the dead with one thing on his mind—retribution.

A special forces veteran turned VIP bodyguard, CJ has seen it all. But nothing could have prepared him for the ambush in Iraq that left everyone else dead and CJ in a coma.

Eight years later he resurfaces, damaged but determined, and he wants answers. Someone set them up, but who? The only person who may know is Enya, the sister of the man he was hired to protect. She’s stuck by him throughout his recovery, but like every other player in this dangerous game, she has her own agenda. And the more questions he asks, the bigger the target on his back.

One thing is clear. Someone is afraid of what he knows, and they want him dead. The answers are buried somewhere in his own hazy memory. But can he uncover them before he’s the one buried?

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies

The Last Train

by Michael Pronko

When an American businessman in Tokyo turns up dead—by train—Detective Hiroshi Shimizu is called away from his white-collar crime investigations to help track down the killer. Together with ex-sumo wrestler, Sakaguchi, and on-the-edge mentor Takamatsu, Hiroshi scours Tokyo’s sacred temples, corporate offices and industrial wastelands to find out why one woman would be driven to murder when she seems to have it all. Hiroshi’s determined to cut through Japan’s ambiguities—and dangers—to find the murdering ex-hostess before she extracts her final revenge—which just might be him.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime

The Moving Blade

by Michael Pronko

When the top American diplomat in Tokyo, Bernard Mattson, is killed, he leaves more than a lifetime of successful Japan-American negotiations. He leaves a missing manuscript, a lost keynote speech and a tangled web of cross-cultural relations. When his daughter returns from America wanting answers, Detective Hiroshi is dragged from the safe confines of his office into the street-level realities of Pacific Rim politics. Hiroshi searches for the killer from Tokyo’s back alley bars to government offices, from anti-nuke protests to an American naval base. When more bodies turn up, Hiroshi finds out just why the past is still so deadly.

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The Playing Card Killer

by Russell James

Brian Sheridan may be losing his mind.

Asleep, he’s plagued by dreams of murder, women strangled with a red velvet rope then left with a playing card tucked in the corpse. While awake, he’s hallucinating that he’s being stalked by a man painted like a skeleton. It’s getting hard to know what’s real. He hopes all this is driven by his cold turkey withdrawal from a lifetime of anti-anxiety medications.

But when one of his nightmare’s victims shows up on the news, dead, Brian fears he himself may be the unwitting killer…

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

The Beekeeper

by Juliet Moore

A trigger-happy young detective becomes immersed in a world of bees and mad honey in order to catch a murderer.

Miami homicide detective Elizabeth Stratton knows she’s lucky to still have a job, but she’s tired of only getting the easy cases. She’ll never be able to regain the respect of her colleagues without a chance to prove she’s no longer an anxious mess who shoots at anything that moves.

Her opportunity comes during a routine check at a near-abandoned hotel. While trying to save the living, she finds the dead. In the midst of a bee infestation is the body of a young woman, her mouth filled with honey.

Elizabeth is grudgingly allowed to keep the case, which rapidly becomes compelling when the honey is found to be poisonous and the bees follow her home.

But just when she’s closing in on the killer, he targets her new friend and Elizabeth must brave the high winds of a category four hurricane to save her.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

The Skinner Box

by Juliet Moore

When Detective Elizabeth Stratton and her partner, James, are called to investigate a suspicious death at a psychiatric hospital, they are unnerved by how someone could be killed with no witnesses in a place under constant supervision. Before they can even try to figure out who did it, they need to figure out how.

But it’s hard to interview suspects when at least half of them have diagnosed mental illnesses. Elizabeth must discover what life is like in this dark place and what has brought its inmates to its cold confines. It’s enough to lead anyone to murder.

With her colleagues’ sometimes unwanted help, Elizabeth begins to unravel a multi-layered tale of abuse and immorality. Then she discovers a truth far more disturbing than she ever expected. There’s gruesome . . . and then there’s just plain sick.

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