Crime Scene – CSI Reilly Steel Prequel: Forensic Mystery Series

by Casey Hill

Prequel to the USA Today bestselling crime fiction thriller mystery series featuring forensic investigator, Reilly Steel.
Police procedural series for fans of Patricia Cornwell, Karin Slaughter and Kathy Reichs, or TV shows CSI or Criminal Minds.

Forty miles south of Washington, D.C. lies the small town of Quantico. Situated among lush greenery, the 547 acre property is where FBI recruits run obstacle courses, engage in firearms training and participate in mock hostage scenarios in Hogan’s Alley.
It’s the world budding forensic investigator Reilly Steel was born for.
During her first student semester at the Academy, a fatal accident occurs at a student party off-campus, and a fellow recruit is under suspicion. But by the behavior of the other students and the forensic evidence at the crime scene, Reilly guesses that there is more to the story than meets the eye.
Will her instincts, and everything she’s learnt at Quantico so far help Reilly uncover the truth behind the victim’s death?

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Category: Crime Fiction



Dead Man’s Diamonds: A Piece of Cake Mystery

by A.R. Winters

Catching a killer is a piece of cake… Or is it?

When Mindy Macbay moves back to her hometown of Santa Verona, she soon finds herself on the receiving end of anonymous threats, and even worse, unpleasant encounters with her high school nemesis and former paramours.

“Winters will have you giggling into your book!”

Will Mindy unmask the killer before it’s too late? And will her annoying high-school nemesis manage to make Mindy’s life sufficiently miserable?

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators



Deadly Messengers: A Psychological Thriller

by Susan May

Over 100,000 Susan May thriller books sold in 2016.

Discover the book reviewers are calling a terrifying, impossible-to-put-down thriller by the author readers have named the next Stephen King.

Freelance journalist Kendall normally writes fluff magazine pieces, until she scores an interview with a survivor of a horrific mass killing. Suddenly she’s the go-to reporter for the chilling crime: seven people brutally murdered with an axe and the killer dead at the scene.

Then another mass killing occurs. This time arson, and ten eldercare facility residents die in the blaze. Then it happens again. A mother with a gun embarks on a rampage at a family birthday party. All killers die before they can be interviewed.

Investigating detective O’Grady wonders how evil can strike three times in only weeks. The crimes are far too coincidental. Yet the killers share only one common detail: none has a murderer’s profile. No history of violence. No connection to terrorists. No vendettas. Ordinary citizens suddenly just became ruthless killers.

When Kendall crosses O’Grady’s path sparks fly. And not the good kind. She reminds him of a past he wants to forget. While she can’t understand the detective’s open hostility toward her. Not to mention, he’s standing in the way of a rent-paying story she desperately needs.

They will discover these killings form part of a plan far greater than just these crimes. A message is being sent and if the meaning is not deciphered soon more will die.

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Category: Thrillers – Medical



Pitch Black: A Romantic Thriller (Blackwood Security Book 1)

by Elise Noble

Even a Diamond can be shattered…

After the owner of a security company is murdered, his sharp-edged wife goes on the run. Forced to abandon everything she holds dear – her home, her friends, her job in special ops – she builds a new life for herself in England. As Ashlyn Hale, she meets Luke, a handsome local who makes her realise just how lonely she is.

Yet, even in the sleepy village of Lower Foxford, the dark side of life dogs Diamond’s trail when the unthinkable strikes. Forced out of hiding, she races against time to save those she cares about. But is it too little, too late?

If you want sweetness and light and all things bright,
Diamond’s not the girl for you.
She’s got sass, she’s got snark, and she’s moody and dark,
As she does what a girl’s got to do.

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Category: Suspense


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