Three Seconds to Rush

by Danielle Stewart

Tara Shiloh knows she’s not a drug addict. She’s positive she’s a good mother and hard worker. So why is she in an alley with a needle in her arm? Waking up in the hospital without her son is terrifying. Being told she can’t have him back nearly crushes her. With her memory spotty and the circumstances incriminating, Tara must fight to learn the truth and wrestle with the idea that maybe her son is better off without her. Reid Holliston defends guilty people for a living and it’s slowly killing him. He’s certain there is no such thing as a truly blameless client anymore. When his phone rings with a voice from his childhood his jaded views make him certain Tara is just one more criminal claiming innocence. But even his skepticism isn’t enough to keep him away. Best friends from a lifetime ago, the two must find a way to trust each other again in spite of how the years apart have changed t

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

Evie Parker Lady Sleuth Mysteries Books 1 & 2: 1920s Historical Cozy Mysteries: House Party Murder Rap & Murder at the Tea Party

by Sonia Parin

Lighthearted 1920s cozy mysteries with a cast of unique and quirky characters tackling mysteries in country estates, villages, and the bright lights of the roaring twenties. House Party Murder Rap: Evie forms an unlikely alliance with her chauffeur to discover as much as she can before the killer gets it right. Murder at the Tea Party: Warning: Afternoon tea with Lady Woodridge can be fatal. Evie has her hands full trying to keep the name of Woodridge free of scandal as well as mending fences with her maid Caro. No easy task when one of her afternoon tea guests is poisoned.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Marc Kadella Mystery Series Vol 3-6 (A Marc Kadella Legal Mystery Book 15)

by Dennis Carstens

This gritty and witty box set of four legal thriller page-turners showcases Minneapolis defense attorney Marc Kadella’s most challenging cases: a kidnapping/murder becomes a media circus; a jailed psychopath loose on the streets; the classic young and beautiful black widow; and fraud leads to murder, leaving someone close to Marc clutching the murder weapon.

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Category: Thrillers – Legal

The Black Market DNA Series Box Set: The Complete Series

by Anthony John Melchiorri

In near-future Baltimore, scientific breakthroughs in genetic engineering promise to cure the incurable. But these new technologies are not without a dark side. Powerful criminal organizations thrive on peddling illicit genetic wares, waging an underground war unlike any the city has ever seen.

Seeking to make amends for his checkered past, Christopher Morgan starts a new job as a genetic engineer. But after his boss is brutally murdered, he finds himself in the middle of a terrifying conspiracy. A mysterious criminal organization has him in their crosshairs, and he doesn’t know why. In a perilous race against time, he realizes far more is at stake than just his own life.

A genetically engineered and unstoppable cancer spreads through Baltimore’s citizens. Doctor Robin Haynes is used to dealing firsthand with unforgiving diseases, but this one is unlike any she has faced. When every medical tool at her disposal fails, she becomes desperate for a cure. But what Robin discovers about the cancer is even more startling than she could have imagined.

The lives of thousands, maybe millions, are in jeopardy. With the body count rising, only Chris and Robin can find who is responsible and put a stop to these twisted, destructive biomedical mysteries.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers

A Wrinkle in the Mind

by Bruce M. Perrin

When Violet Cruz accused U.S. Representative Alan Barclay of being “the spawn of a Martian whore” and took a shot at him, everyone agreed that she was delusional. It was just another conspiracy theory in Washington, DC, where such bizarre claims had become all too common.

Tiring of the media harassing the family, however, Cruz’s cousin brought the case to Private Investigator Rebecca Marte. She figured that the public was probably right. Rebecca was, however, willing to give the case another look as Cruz’s sudden, total break from reality without any apparent cause was almost as strange as her beliefs.

Soon, the question Rebecca faces is conspiracy theory or a brilliant smokescreen for political assassination? Long before she has the answer, however, she’s going to have to bet the life of one of her best friends on the little she knows and all that she suspects.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators

Silhouette: Murder. Politics. New Orleans.

by Michael Martin

NEWLY WIDOWED AND STRUGGLING with single fatherhood, a small-town prosecutor investigating a murder uncovers racially-explosive secrets that threaten a charismatic Black mayor’s ambitious plans for New Orleans.

***** “A fascinating read, clear and suspenseful.”
***** “A complex tale. Keeps the reader guessing.”
***** “The author does a wonderful job expressing the intricacies and nuances of race in America.”
***** “Ben Harper is smart, anchored, educated, and cares about his people…a Black detective worthy of Black readers’ admiration.”

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Category: Mystery – African American