A Dead Man and Doggie Delights

by Aleksa Baxter

When Maggie May Baxter moves to small-town Colorado all she wants is to take care of her grandpa and start a business with her best friend. But when she and her Newfoundland, Miss Fancypants, stumble across a dead body Maggie suddenly finds herself involved in solving a murder so her grandpa doesn’t go to jail. (Again.)

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


The Disappearance of Emily: Destiny Falls Mystery & Magic Series Book 2

by Elizabeth Pantley

A magic mirror leads Hayden to an enchanted world that might have answers to the mysterious disappearance of her mother. She receives a warning and a suspicious package. Then, there is an unexplained death. Who in this odd community of strange, quirky people is responsible? With the help of a sassy cat and trouble from a hilarious witch, Hayden and her newfound community of friends and family must work together to determine the cause of the chaos and eliminate the danger to their beloved, enchanted town.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


Trapped in the Web

by Sigal Ben-Artzi

With the Internet giants’ interests are at stake, they will do anything to stay in control.
Jimmy, an LA advertiser, is sent to investigate a suspected cybercrime related to his work – how two almost identical online publicity campaigns have been yielding entirely different results.

Frank, a police officer, joins him on his assignment. Thanks to some strategic contacts, the two manage to infiltrate the leading Internet giants and are met with intricate manipulations being carried out by the companies at the expense of their customers.
As their investigation progresses, strange things begin to happen. A series of mysterious car accidents follows, and things become more complicated.

In a world governed by money and power, their mission has the potential to disrupt the power balance of the barons of the web. Will the two be successful? Or will the new rulers continue to do as they wish?

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers


Home Truths

by Mark McGinn

Introducing New Zealand’s Jonah Solomon, a cop in the broody, bloody, and brilliant tradition of Ian Rankin’s Detective Inspector John Rebus.

Jonah Solomon is used to navigating the prejudice that closes doors to Maori officers like him. His colleagues think he’s responsible for letting ex-cop-turned-con artist, Rachel Trix, escape justice. With a credible new tip on Trix’s exit plan, Jonah has one more chance to make things right—until an ambush turns the operation into a bloody nightmare. Lies and corruption are at every level of the police force. With few people he can trust, a complex web of secrets puts Jonah and his family at the mercy of ruthless criminals. Can he finally reveal the truths he’s protected since childhood in order to save himself and the people he loves most?

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


Dark Ride Deception

by Mark S. Bacon

*New Release*
A computer genius is missing from Arizona’s Nostalgia City theme park. So are the secrets to his billion-dollar technology that will transform the industry. Is he dead? On the run? Ex-cop – turned Nostalgia City cab driver Lyle Deming goes undercover, using a range of identities—from attorney to maintenance worker—to scour Florida theme parks looking for the scientist and his mind-bending secrets. (Does this have anything to do with the severed human finger Lyle found in the back of his cab?)
His almost-girlfriend, 6’2” Kate Sorensen, helps out, but she has her own mystery to solve at Nostalgia City, a park that re-creates an entire 1970s small town.
“A mystery thrill ride.” –Kings River Life Magazine

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Category: Mystery – Series



by Paul Bennett

DUE DILIGENCE: Nick’s out of prison and he just wants to put his life back together but it’s not long before he finds himself in trouble with the police again.

COLLATERAL DAMAGE: Nick is questioning a small-time fraudster but it turns out his crimes weren’t so petty after all. Unable to trust his colleagues he decides to go it alone. Will his decision finally get him killed?

FALSE PROFITS: Nick’s lover is caught up in a property scam and wants to use his skills to bring down the conmen. Can Nick scam the scammers or will his plan backfire?

THE MONEY RACE: A local councillor’s daughter and several hundred thousand pounds of council funds are missing. It’s up to Nick Shannon to find out who’s responsible.

BLUE ON BLUE: When it’s police against the police, it’s a Blue on Blue, and no good ever comes from it. Nick’s digging deep into the world of the police and doesn’t like what he finds.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


Greek Fire

by Kenneth Benton

On the brink of uncovering a KGB spy ring in Corfu, an undercover MI6 officer is found dead, and his double-agent is missing.

Only two miles across the sea lies Albania, where a secretive and brutally repressive regime guards its independence – and strategically invaluable naval bases – against the Russians and NATO alike.

Landing on the unfamiliar island, Lucas Grant enlists the help of the local field agent – the dead man’s lover – and uncovers a sinister, complex plot that threatens all of Europe’s security.

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage


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