Emma Frost Mystery Series: Vol 1-5

by Willow Rose

Crazy offer! Get FIVE chilling page-turners from a bestselling author for FREE! The box set includes 1175 chilling pages in Willow Rose’s popular bestselling mystery series about the author Emma Frost and her friends and family on Fanoe Island in Denmark.

Warning! Once you start reading this, you’ll miss sleep, skip chores and have no time for family or friends.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime


Stormy Day Mysteries Series Bundle

by Angela Pepper

For Stormy Day, life is anything but boring. Everywhere she goes — whether it’s home for the holidays or a luxury resort — she finds a mystery that needs to be solved… Join Stormy and her quirky friends for entertaining whodunits!

Bundle includes books 1-5.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy



by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Brooklyn, Drew, Symone, and Leah grew up the best of friends. Their parents co-own and operate Patterson Pharmaceutical Company, a thriving business that has continuously grown over the last ten years. But after the economy took a hard turn, the family business suffered significant losses, leaving the family’s income on pins and needles. To make matters worse, the property the Patterson’s inherited from their late grandparents is up for auction from missed payments the family was not aware they’d missed. With the family’s debt growing and relationships being tested, the four friends decide to take drastic measures to get the funds needed to secure generational survival. Being high-end thieves was not something they agreed on overnight. Taking from the less fortunate they couldn’t stomach, but stealing from those who already had plenty might just save the family from ruin.

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Category: Suspense

Prowl 2

by Stephanie Nicole Norris

After everything the girls have been through, Patterson Pharmaceutical and the family’s homestead, Patterson Manor, are still in jeopardy. With things heating up in New York, it becomes necessary for the girls to make a major move. Brooklyn, Drew, Symone, and Leah find themselves in the motherland, Africa. Will an international heist be the solution the girls need, or will the trouble in New York follow them? Find out in Prowl Two; Nothing Else Matters but Survival.

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Obsession: Dishonor Thy Wife

by Belinda Austin

Something BAD happened to Dr. Brad O’Boyle at a medical convention. For six years, Ronni and Brad have been enemies in a hellish marriage brimming with resentment at their shotgun wedding. Then, he leaves for a week to Philly and returns home to Austin a changed man. Ronni is breathless at his sudden attraction and kindness. Even his mistress seems to have vanished from his life. Ronni wonders what happened in Philly to transform Brad into a doting husband and father. Ronni begins a dangerous game, performing for Brad as he watches through her bedroom-door keyhole. Brad almost has his wife fooled until he switches into a Jekyll-Hyde, oscillating between violent outbursts and loving behavior. Ronni suspects Brad is bipolar until what happened in Philly spirals out of control with jealousy, lies, and a double-double cross. How far will a man go to obtain the object of his forbidden desire?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


Magical Legacy

by Pamela Richter

Michelle was gifted magical talents from an ancient witch relative who was hanged in Salem long ago. Omar has dark magic, as a Necromancer and Warlock—perhaps a Demon. What happens to their progeny?

A fight between good and evil magic is brewing. Two opposing sides of the supernatural will affect three innocent little children. Their lives hang in the balance when Omar tries to claim them, abducting them from the only mother they know. He wants to teach them about dark, evil sorcery.

Michelle endeavors to save the children from the darkness and danger swirling about them. It’s a fight between good and evil for all involved. Especially for Michelle, tempted by the easy, wicked, dark magic, which could change her forever. She is a natural born witch with healing abilities and the power of precognition. She was deemed a White Witch, but the black powers entice her.

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Category: Mystery – Series


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