The Viscount’s Son

by Aderyn Wood


Book conservator, Emma, loves historical mysteries, and when she gets her hands on a Sixteenth Century diary, she launches a secret online project – to transcribe the ancient text. Though Emma’s colleague, Jack, believes the medieval ‘diary’ is a fake, Emma decides to translate the text and leave it up to her blog readers to decide. When a dark, handsome stranger comes into her life, she wonders if she should end the blog, but is it too late? Follow Emma’s journey to discern the mysteries of the medieval memoir.

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Category: Mystery – Series

The Condor Prophecy

by Steven Moore

An uprising looms…
A revenge demanded by Inca Gods…
A prophecy must be fulfilled!

While on an expedition in the Andes to locate the lost Inca city of Vilcabamba, Hiram Kane’s team is infiltrated by not one but two different terrorist factions, each seeking the legendary Inca gold to fund nefarious strikes against their enemy.
Catholics against Incans.
The Eagle Alliance versus The Condor Uprising.
Hiram Kane must defeat them both.
The expedition soon devolves into the deadliest of treasure hunts, and amidst the wild Andean weather and lethal terrain, a dangerous race against time.

Win, and Hiram Kane can prevent a new holy war.
Lose, and the ancient prophecy will unleash catastrophic consequences the world over.

The Condor Prophecy is the third instalment of the rip-roaring Hiram Kane adventure series, and perfect for fans of fast-paced, international action thriller writers such as Clive Cussler, Russell Blake & Scott Mariani.
To dive into the breathtaking world of Hiram Kane, buy your copy of The Condor Prophecy TODAY!

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Category: Thrillers – Terrorism

When a Stranger Comes…

by Karen S. Bell

Would you be willing to make a deal with the devil to have your hopes and dreams come true?

Witnessing a lightening bolt on a sunny day, author Alexa Wainwright doesn’t realize she’s been transported to an alternate universe. Here, she meets media mogul and publisher King Blakemore who offers her a lucrative book contract that will guarantee her comeback.

This publisher seems odd. This book deal is too good. Suddenly, the contract’s been signed. Now what can she do?

Desperate to get her life back, Alexa devises schemes to untether herself from this hellish existence but to no avail. Can Alexa find her way out of this nightmare?

Buy this book if you’re a reader who loves a page-turning, heart-stopping, psychological thriller with some magical realism thrown in.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Homicidal Holiday

by Sam Cheever

Dolfe Honeybun broke up with Blaise Runa because her party girl ways were driving him to distraction. Unfortunately, out of sight does NOT mean out of mind. And when his favorite party girl sees something she shouldn’t and finds herself being chased by a cold-blooded killer, reason shuts down and Dolfe’s heart takes over. If only he can get to her in time!

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