The Snowdonia Killings

by Simon McCleave

Starting a new life in Snowdonia was always DI Ruth Hunter’s dream. Until a twisted killer turned it into her worst nightmare.

Detective Inspector Ruth Hunter lives with the pain of her partner’s mysterious and unsolved disappearance. About to hit fifty, the veteran police officer trades in the crime-ridden streets of London for a more peaceful life in rural North Wales. But Ruth has barely settled into her new position in North Wales Police, when the body of a brutally murdered woman is discovered…with strange symbols carved into her skin. Teaming up with an obstinate deputy, Ruth struggles to eliminate anyone from a long line of suspects. When another slain victim is discovered with the same cryptic markings, she’s forced to re-think the investigation.

Has Ruth got what it takes to solve the case before the murderer attacks again?

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Second Life

by D. F. Bailey

1978, Jonestown.
909 dead—two children survive.
Where are they now?

SECOND LIFE weaves the dark world of PHILIP KERR into the cat-and-mouse chase of Jeffery Deaver’s THE BODIES LEFT BEHIND.

“A great thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat.”
— J. Bronder

Two children scramble through a remote jungle to escape the madness of Jonestown. When they return to America they’re given new names. A fresh start. Almost forty years later Will Finch stumbles across an abandoned Armani jacket. He soon learns that the jacket holds a secret. A cryptic message that tears his life apart and threatens to make him the latest victim of the Jonestown massacre.

Inspired by true events, Second Life will keep you bolted to your chair until you reach the final sentence.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

The Singularity Witness

by Dan Grant

THE SINGULARITY WITNESS: What happens when a radical technology ushers in an ominous future? Governments and corporations will kill to control it. Murder and abduction are just the beginning.
When a clandestine research lab disposes of its test subject and kidnaps a U.S. Senator to protect its secrets, those events trigger a federal investigation. The covert program requires the services of Thomas Parker, a Princeton professor and neurologist, to deliver its breakthrough achievement. And FBI Special Agent Kate Morgan needs Parker to help her infiltrate the secret lab. To the villain, no sacrifice is too great for his cause. Together, Parker and Morgan must save the witness and survive. “Edge-of-your-seat reading… vivid, realistic, and frighteningly compelling” – Midwest Book Review. “Fast-paced thriller with a scientific edge… never a dull moment” – San Francisco Book Review

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Category: Thrillers – Medical

Castelmezzano, The Witch is Dead

by Adriana Licio

Some people dream of a gentle retirement enjoying crochet or cricket, but for two sexagenarians, a more cadaverous future awaits…

Newly retired teachers, Etta and Dora, take a walk along an old mule track connecting their mountain-top villages, each hoping to soothe the distress she feels at the paltry pension she will receive. Meeting at the fabled Witches’ Cave, they put aside their woes – the naked body of Sibilla, Castelmezzano’s beautiful witch, lies dead at the foot of the old oak tree. Did she plummet from the sky during a Sabbath flight as the superstitious locals are whispering? Or was the far more worldly evil of a human hand involved?

When suspicions fall on Cassandra, Sibilla’s sister in the Art of Witchcraft, Dora and Etta fear the carabinieri have fallen prey to prejudice and local folklore. While Dora remains convinced of Cassandra’s innocence, Etta’s hunch takes her to a completely different conclusion, but could the truth really be so devious? And can she stop the killer before she becomes the next victim?


Castelmezzano, The Witch is Dead is the prequel to The Homeswappers Mysteries a humorous cosy series exploring the most delightfully murderous European destinations.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

The Watchman of Rothenburg Dies

by Adriana Licio

A holiday is a time to relax, unwind and see the sights. But for two adventurous sexagenarians, the sights have a tendency to include dead bodies.

Etta and Dora, both newly retired teachers, travel from their home in Southern Italy to a fairy-tale German town for their first home swap holiday, delighted by their neighbours’ warm welcome. But the welcome turns sour when the Night Watchman of Rothenburg is brutally murdered…

Pack your bags, jump into the backseat of Etta and Dora’s old Fiat 500, and join them on their travels around Europe. There’ll be mystery, murder and mayhem aplenty wherever they go.

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The Final Proposition

by Trevor Douglas

3 million dollars or somebody’s life… Which would you choose?
After being exonerated for a crime he didn’t commit, Adam Wells leaves prison as the only living person who knows the location of a hidden cash fortune. Desperate to help a young friend who will soon die without an expensive and risky operation, Adam must weigh up the risk as he learns the money belongs to a drug syndicate who will stop at nothing to get their money back.

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled

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