Net Impact

by Donald J. Bingle

Dick Thornby is not Hollywood’s idea of a spy. He’s a new kind of spy for a new kind of world.

In his rough and tumble job there are no tailored Italian suits, no bimbos eager to please, and no massive underground fortresses built by evil overlords seeking world domination—just an endless series of sinister threats to the safety and security of the billions of mundane citizens of the planet. Sure, Dick’s tough and he knows a few tricks to help him get out of a tight spot, even if his boss accuses him of over-reliance on explosives. But he’s also got a mortgage, a wife upset by his frequent absences on “business” trips, and an increasingly alienated teen-age son who spends way too much time playing in gaming worlds on the computer.

When a mission to bust up an arms exchange in New Zealand goes spectacularly bad, Dick is thrown into a maze of conflict involving Hong Kong arms dealers, cyber-criminals, Chinese government goons, and even militant Maoris. When a young computer expert back at the Philadelphia headquarters for The Subsidiary, an international espionage agency created in the aftermath of 9/11, discovers that the bad guys are involved in a vast conspiracy. Dick is forced to partner with the espionage neophyte to battle evil on multiple fronts, leading to a final confrontation that incorporates real-world conspiracy theories and cutting-edge technology.

In the end, Dick can save his partner, save his marriage, save his son, or save the world, but he can’t do it all.

Says Spy Guys and Gals: “What a terrific ride … action, great characters, interesting twists, and enough suspense to make you both hold your breath and turn the page”

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage

Prepped to Kill

by M. Lee Prescott

What happens when you send phony news to your boarding school’s alumni magazine? Ricky Steele, a fifty-something odd jobber, finds out when she returns to her alma mater pretending to be a private investigator. Before long, the niece of Massachusetts’ governor goes missing and a murderer strikes again. As Ricky races against time to stop a killer and rescue a child, she enlists the aid of her former roommates. Together, the trio wreak havoc on Whitley School’s Reunion Weekend. Before they know it, Ricky and her pals have unleashed a killer, who is not afraid to kill again.

Join Ricky on her first caper and see how this humorous rollicking mystery series got its start.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

The Plot is Murder

by V.M. Burns

After Samantha Washington’s husband dies, she quits her job to pursue their shared dream of opening a Mystery Bookstore. When the realtor who listed the building for sale is found dead in the courtyard, Sam becomes the prime suspect. But opening a mystery bookshop is only half of Sam’s dream. The other half includes writing a British historic cozy. Read both mysteries in this Agatha Award-nominated series.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Before He Wakes

by Mark Allan Gunnells

Patrick and Clare wake up trapped in a basement, a thin wall separating their cells. Their captor is mysteriously absent, which at first seems like a blessing. As more time passes with no food or water, they begin to realize a clock is ticking for their survival.

Combining their intelligence and determination, the two begin plotting an escape from their shared prison. Overcoming each obstacle only presents another obstacle standing in the way of their freedom. It will take all of their ingenuity and strength to find their way out of this mess.

They know their captor is still out there, and it is only a matter of time before he returns.

Before He Wakes is a fast-paced and tense thriller that ratchets up the suspense and tension before the thrilling conclusion.

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Category: Suspense

Witchy Reservations

by Stephanie Damore

First in a charming series! Angelica swore off all things witchcraft when she left Silverlake. Summoned back to her family’s inn 13 years later, she’s soon contending with a sudden spell-related death — and her ex…

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


by Dan Latus

SAVING HARRY. Frank Doy’s old friend Harry is in danger and his partner, Johanne, has been abducted. Frank is the only one who can keep Harry alive. Together they must find Johanne without sacrificing Harry.

BOROVSKY’S GOLD. Frank goes to check out a new fishing spot but instead finds a body that he thinks might be connected to a yacht that sank a few years back. And there are rumours about a treasure.

TERROR FROM THE SEA. Frank Doy gets a call one night from a woman he knew ages ago, Jean. She says her husband is trying to kill her. The line goes dead. He tracks her down to an island but there’s a bomb and Jean’s children are on the boat heading there.

NOT DEAD YET. Frank Doy hoped he’d never see Malky Malkovich ever again but after twenty years he’s here. A rival gang wants Malky’s wife dead and though Frank won’t help a criminal he can’t resist a damsel in distress.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

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