by John Righten

1990. Lenka Brett, a smart, but unworldly, young teacher, joins a convoy of aid drivers – a roguish collection of characters – to deliver medical aid to Romanian orphanages. Lenka falls in love, but when the convoy becomes the target of mercenaries, she discovers her lover’s dark secret. ‘Heartbreak’ won the 2020 Page Turner Spectrum Award

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime

High Bluffs

by Sally Royer-Derr

After her husband’s tragic death, Joanna finds herself grappling with dark secrets in her small, seemingly idyllic town in Maine — and falling into an unexpected romance with Rick, a younger man. An “entertaining” and “well paced” series starter where “the intriguing murder mystery is balanced with sexy encounters” (Kirkus Reviews).

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Category: Suspense

Coastal Paybacks

by Don Rich

When Murph disappears in Palm Beach, Florida, Marlin and Casey team up to track him down. But what they find puts everyone in grave danger. Someone from Casey and Murph’s past has resurfaced, and now, their friends’ lives are at stake. From Florida to the Bahamas to Costa Rica, trouble follows the Coastal Adventures gang all the way back to Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Can they outwit the vengeful enemy from Murph’s past and rescue him before it’s too late?

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Category: Mystery – Series


by Michele Packard

She’d sacrifice all to protect her country and those she loves. But can she foil a terrorist plot before her foes bring about global destruction?

Matti Baker still stings from betrayal. After a mission gone wrong led to twelve months of intensive recovery and hiding, the driven operative is ready to set the trap to lure her enemies out into the open. And when the first assassin invades her territory, she unleashes her elite K9 partners to turn his body into a shredded corpse.

With the wave of deadly threats escalating, she fears her husband and kids will never be safe until she eliminates every traitor. But as her concern grows about the depth of corruption, she senses even one loose end will destroy her family… and the United States.

Can she lock and load before everything gets fubared?

AESOP is the action-packed first book in the AESOP espionage thriller series. If you like kick-butt heroines, deep conspiracies, and sharp jolts of humor, then you’ll relish Michele Packard’s edgy operation.

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage


by Michele Packard

Freedom comes at a cost and the payment is Matti Baker. China has more cameras than anyone in the world—over 600 million. Facial recognition software is allowing the country to create their own caste system to support the communist party. If your child says something against the party, it affects ALL family members. It changes how you get loans, jobs, what you can buy, and who you hang out with. You can’t get out of it. It’s a mad, mad world. Baker is serving justice.

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Black Danube

by Nik Grybaski

In Vienna 1899, corruption, murder, and forbidden love flourish in the sordid world of the city’s ghettos. The perfect place for crime photographer Leo Katz, a fraud with a dark secret, to hide. When a young man is found dead, and his fiancée is wrongly accused, Leo’s images reveal the true killers. But those in power suppress his evidence. Now Leo risks exposing his real identity to save the woman from the gallows. But time is running out, and Leo must bring the murderers to justice before he becomes the next victim.

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Category: Mystery – Historical

Rim City Blues

by Elliott Scott

Killer robots. Unanswered questions. Chocolate. Post-apocalyptic detective Felix Lasko is desperate to reach the high-tech city Neotopia. He’ll race through a brothel-ship wedged into a cliffside, laser fire, and take on a gang of violent criminals. All while avoiding instant death by a deadly piece of Tek known only as the scream Ray. This action-packed sci-fi thriller will please fans of Altered Carbon, The Dresden Files, and anyone looking for a fast paced read. Not a regular sci-fi reader? Take a chance! “Captivating and imaginative story. An enthralling page turner for sure! Hoping to read more from this author soon. Five stars!” Amazon reviewer. “Great read. I was instantly drawn into a new world….a really nice escape especially during times like these. I hope to read more from this author in the future.” Amazon reviewer. Join Felix as he cracks the case, or dies trying!

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

All At Sea

by Liz Hedgecock

When socialite Maisie Frobisher embarks on a cruise to India in search of adventure, little does she know what form it will take.

First some jewellery, then an important document goes missing from an ambassador’s cabin. If that document gets into the wrong hands there will be trouble. And it’s definitely in the wrong hands…

Maisie already has her suspicions of a fellow-guest at the captain’s table. However, when he turns out to be a police inspector travelling incognito and takes over the investigation, Maisie’s nose is put firmly out of joint. Then a crime of an entirely different kind rears its head, and Maisie finds that the past she is trying to escape from just won’t let her go…

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Category: Mystery – Historical