Her Last Request: An Alex Harper Mystery Thriller

by Mark Ayre

Get Alex Harper… A gripping thriller packed with twists and turns, perfect for fans of Harlan Coben

Soon-to-be divorced couple Alex and Alex Harper are determined to remain friends for the sake of their daughter. But when a woman neither of them recognises is shot and killed outside the restaurant where they are dining after asking to speak with Alex Harper, staying friends becomes the least complicated part of their lives.

The Harpers are thrown into a perplexing mystery of corruption and theft. Trying to uncover the reason for the woman’s death forces them to face not only a dangerous criminal family but the secrets they have kept from one another. While they might find the woman’s killers, they could lose what remains of their relationship. If not their lives…

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Category: Crime Fiction

No Safe Place

by Robin Mahle

It hasn’t been easy for Detective Rebecca Ellis to emerge from her legendary detective father’s shadow.
When she’s assigned to work on an explosive fire in a parking lot, it looks straightforward. A woman burned to death in her car. But then Ellis discovers it was murder.
In the race to find the killer Ellis will learn that there is no safe place.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

The Only Son

by Brian R. O’Rourke

When Sarah’s son, Andrew, calls her at work and begs her to come home, she finds one of her son’s bullies, thirteen-year-old Hal English, dead in their garage.
As much as she wants to believe Andrew is innocent, Sarah has to admit that he looks guilty.
But she knows one thing for sure – she will do anything to protect her only son.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Long Road To Justice

by Bruce Hammack

The truth may cost him everything… but living a lie is no longer an option.

Sixteen years ago, David Harper’s father was sent to prison for his mother’s murder. Escaping the shame and memories, David changed his name and forged a career as a highly respected Texas State Trooper. No one knows the truth—not even his wife of five months.

When his father’s conviction is overturned, David can no longer ignore his past. Revenge drives him to find his mother’s killer and make them pay. His investigation stirs a den of vipers who come out striking, and his dad is the number-one target.

David’s future hangs in the balance; his life, his work, and his family are on the line. David must stop the murderer before he loses it all.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals

In$ured to the Hilt

by Charlotte Stuart

John Smith, a failed private investigator turned claims adjuster, is everyone’s inner klutz. He drives a yolk-yellow Saturn, has a penchant for singing commercials while driving, is easily duped by curvy women, lets his eccentric mother boss him around, and still manages to solve crimes using what most would label as unorthodox methods.

A greedy claimant, an ambitious administrative assistant, a desperate insurance agent, and a man obsessed with maintaining his reputation—all are “insured to the hilt,” some more literally than others.

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