Tubbypalooza: Nine Hard-Boiled Tubby Dubonnet Mysteries (Tubby Dubonnet Series)

by Tony Dunbar

Maverick New Orleans lawyer Tubby Dubonnet has a penchant for fishing, off-track betting, and fighting evil while passing a good time. That includes running from the mob, solving crime lab murder mysteries and rubbing elbows with corrupt politicians—all while answering to a family of women that he can’t seem to slip anything past…

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Category: Mystery – Series

Tracie Tanner Thrillers Volume 1-3

by Allan Leverone

Tracie Tanner works alone. She operates in the shadows and on the edge, bending some rules and ignoring others to protect the country she has sworn to defend from its most dangerous enemies.
As quick-witted and resourceful as she is beautiful and dedicated to her mission, Tracie Tanner will soon become your newest must-read. Check out this highly regarded three-book collection and see if you don’t agree.

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage

Extinction Shadow

by Nicholas Sansbury Smith and Anthony J. Melchiorri

Survivors thought the extinction cycle had ended, but a powerful evil lurks in the shadows…

Eight years ago, an engineered virus ravaged the globe, infecting and transforming humans into apex predators called Variants. Billions died, civilization collapsed, and the human race teetered on the brink of extinction.

Nations banded together and heroes rose up to fight these abominations. But now powerful new forces have returned to destroy the remnants of free society.

One group of elite special forces operators and a team of talented scientists stands between humanity and utter destruction. They will have to rise to fight these frightening enemies, joining forces with new heroes to try and save what’s left of the world.

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Category: Thrillers – Military

Crossing the Meadow

by Kfir Luzzatto

A ghostly mystery–cozy in a way, and a little scary … yes, definitely an unusual sort of mystery.


You are about to step into the twilight zone where dead people brush silently past the living ones.

Will you find the answer to the strange nightmare that links a man, a woman, and a foggy city?

While the story unravels, you will meet a little girl who can see her dead cat, an old blind woman, and a beautiful girl who died too young. They don’t know what awaits them beyond that meadow, but YOU need to find out.

Will you?

Voted “Best Horror Novel” in the 2003 P&E Reader’s Poll

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

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