Inside the Masque

by R. T. W. Lipkin

Inside the Masque . . . of a killer.
In a future where everyone wears a masque, no one needs a phone, a credit card, or any ID. The masque itself is everything to everyone.
But as exquisite as a masque might be, it can’t keep you safe. Nothing can.
And when everyone wears a masque, anyone could be a killer.
Now it’s up to Chief Inspector McNair and his team of dedicated experts to find that killer. They must uncover the secrets and lies that dwell inside every beautiful masque. And they’ll stop at nothing until they find the truth—no matter how ugly it turns out to be.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals

The Draxler Program

by IQ Malcolm

He has one last chance to save his mind. Too bad it’s all a lie…

Pete Rivers is a survivor. Forced to endure an abusive childhood, he turned to a life of crime. When his egregious scams earned him fifteen years in prison and a mandatory brainwashing at the end of his sentence, he began searching for a way out to no avail. So when he’s offered a loophole that reduced his prison time and kept his mind intact, he took it without thinking twice.

He soon discovers that The Draxler Program isn’t the criminal reform program he was sold; it’s a reality TV show. Like himself, the other contestants are convicted felons, and their lives rest in the hands of the voting public. The winner gets to keep their mind, while the losers are doomed to an early trip to the washer.

Does Pete have what it takes to survive the demented show, or will his brain get erased like the contestants before him?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Maiden’s Peak

by Kristy E Carter

Victor Shelton ran from his family’s legacy of prophetic dreams at seventeen but finds at twenty-eight that he is unable to run from the nightmares that plague him. Haunted by images of his own death each night he follows the fleeting memory of the town limit’s sign in his nightmare to a quaint Colorado town.

Beckoned to a forbidding mountain peak with a past riddled by ghost stories and legends, Victor must figure out who is friend or foe. Can he unravel the secrets of the enigmatic citizens of Carver’s Corner and solve his own murder before it happens?

Perhaps the answers are in the siren song of whatever is calling him to the caves under Maiden’s Peak. The song in the darkness urges him on, but whether it is to his death or to his salvation, Victor can’t say. All he knows is that once before he had not heeded the call of his dreams and someone had died. He can’t let that happen again.

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Category: Suspense

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