Black In White (Quentin Black Mystery #1)

by JC Andrijeski

Forensic psychologist Miri Fox has an uncanny sense about people. When police think they’ve nailed the “Wedding Killer,” she agrees to check the guy out, but the suspect, Quentin R. Black, isn’t at all what she expects. He claims to be hunting the killer too, and the longer Miri talks to him, the more determined she becomes to uncover his secrets. When he confronts Miri about the nature of her own peculiar insight, she is drawn into Black’s bizarre world and a game of cat and mouse with a deadly killer who just might be Black himself. Worse, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to Black, a complication she doesn’t need with a best friend who’s a homicide cop and a boyfriend in intelligence. Paranormal Mystery.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators


Murder On The Angelina

by Bruce Hammack

Private investigator Fen Maguire gets his next case—investigate an extortion ring threatening loggers in East Texas. The evidence points to the local championship paintball team, but no one’s willing to talk. When the team’s leader is killed mid match, Fen must break through the wall of resistance before a killer gets away with murder.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators


Enemies: A War Story

by Kenneth Rosenberg

Two young Americans are trapped in Germany at the start of WWII and faced with a harrowing choice. They can join a Nazi sabotage mission heading to the United States or be drafted into the German army and sent to the Russian front. One chooses the first option, and one the second, but will either survive? Based on an astonishing true story!

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Category: Thrillers – Historical


Questionable Practice

by Randy Moon

A man will do whatever he has to do to take care of his family.
Robert Madigan sacrificed everything to come to medical school at Penn University. He is living his dream. But it’s a dream he can’t afford, a dream he will have to give up. His father is dead. His family is desperate. He needs to find work.
But then comes an offer he cannot refuse…
The only catch? He will have to kill. With the shake of a hand, Robert is thrust into a world where he gets to play God, a world where he is judge, jury, and executioner, all in one. To save his family, he must become someone else. To save his dream, he must harden his soul. Together with his closest friends, Robert forms The Good Doctors.
But being a Good Doctor is dangerous. There is no way out, and he must kill or be killed. But Robert will not be a powerful man’s puppet. He will survive.
Whatever it takes.

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Category: Mystery – Historical