Song for a Gypsy (The Wolfboy Chronicles Book 1)

by Willow Rose

A riveting new fantasy, perfect for adults or teens from a bestselling author.

Sara’s life is drastically changed the moment a convoy of horse-drawn caravans enters the quiet Reidenburgerstrasse in Germany, where she lives with the people she thinks are her parents. Sara doesn’t know that her parents found her in a basket on their doorstep thirteen years earlier. Neither does she know that she is a gypsy or that she is going to be the greatest sorceress who has ever lived. Soon Sara will discover a magical world she never knew existed and go on a journey that she knows will cost her dearly.

What people are saying about Song for a Gypsy:

‘If you are a fan of YA fantasy adventure books or would like an easy, fun, enjoyable read, adult or child, go ahead and pick this one up. You will not be disappointed. I cannot wait to read this to two of my step-daughters (who are 8 and 11) because I know they would love this story.’ – readitreviewit.

‘It reminded me of Alice in Wonderland and how once she left some sort of creature/obstacle behind, there was always something else even more strange ahead of them.’- readingwithstyle

‘I never had a dull moment reading the book. It was fun and full of exciting happenings and fast-paced just the way I like it! I recommend it to young readers, but adults can still enjoy the story’- coffeebooksandme

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Category: Suspense



by Tom Bierdz

Psychiatrist Grant Garrick had it all: a thriving therapy practice, a bright, loving, and beautiful wife, a 15-year-old son filled with potential, and a gorgeous home on acreage overlooking the Puget Sound. Life couldn’t get much better.
Then tragedy struck.
Read the novella, Book 1, the prequel to the Psychiatrist Grant Garrick suspense-thriller series.
Learn why he defies danger and adventures beyond the boundaries of his profession to help solve his patients’ problems.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


The Florida Panhandle Mystery Series

by Michaela Thompson

In the hands of mystery author Michaela Thompson, St. Elmo comes alive with a smattering of “only in Florida” puzzlers: a bootleg war in a hurricane, sunken treasure by a trailer park, a handful of illicit love affairs fraught with seaside small town gossip. As vibrant as their Florida Panhandle backdrop, this series is made up of traditional mysteries notable for the kind of delicately-crafted writing that’ll remind you of Golden Age British yarns, now bundled in a single box set.

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Category: Mystery – Series


Some Can See

by JR Erickson

The dead tell stories. Are you listening?

On a sunny August morning, in 1935, thirteen-year-old Sophia Gray finds her friend, Rosemary wandering in the woods. Rosemary’s yellow dress is tattered and stained, she walks with a strange lurch, and her eyes are vacant and glassy. She beckons to Sophia, desperate to show her something, and Sophia follows.

In an abandoned cabin, beneath a tattered blanket, Sophia discovers Rosemary’s body.
It was not Rosemary who led her there, but Rosemary’s ghost.

Some Can See is a chilling ghost story that spans generations. Get lost in a twisted tale of cold case murder, a sinister asylum and a woman who speaks to the dead.

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Category: Suspense


Viable Threat

by Julie Rowe

Special Forces soldier Walter River would give anything to snatch more than a few seconds of down time to see if he can rattle the no-nonsense, incredibly hot Dr. Lloyd, who’s racing to identify a bio-terrorism organism killing people by the hundreds, but dodging explosions, snipers, and student radicals have made that almost impossible.
The few stolen moments CDC microbiologist Dr. Ava Lloyd have with her very hunky bodyguard River have been explosive, but the clock is ticking, people are dying, and if she doesn’t find a cure, they could be next.

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Animals We Are

by Valerie Brandy

A fast-paced, action-packed domestic thriller about a young woman surviving in the wild of Yosemite backcountry, stalked by a killer, with no one to rely on but herself…

Zoe’s never been a trusting person. Bouncing from boyfriend to boyfriend, she’s always found herself let down in the romance department. But when she meets Mike– a warm, steady carpenter who says exactly what he feels– she finally lets her walls down and makes room for love.

When Zoe and Mike head to Yosemite for a week-long horse tour of the backcountry, it should be the romantic trip of a life time. But the beauty of nature turns into a snarling trap when a serial killer stalks their party through the woods, thwarting their trip deep in the forest, where the group is far from help. When it’s revealed that the killer has a connection to Mike’s past, suddenly Zoe finds herself questioning the heart of the man she’s fallen in love with. Before she can confront her demons, Mike disappears, seemingly kidnapped by the killer. A scavenger hunt begins, and Zoe is forced to journey through the wilderness, following clue after to clue to rescue her man.

But as the clues reveal more about her relationship, Zoe beings to wonder… is she chasing after a man who’s not who he appears to be? Has Mike really shown her his true self, teeth and claws exposed? What kind of animal is he?

Fan’s of Cheryl Strayed’s “WILD,” will love this empowering, fast-paced, adventurous thriller. Thriller lovers who enjoy books by Shari Lapena, Ruth Ware, and Lucy Foley will love this empowering adventure that suggests we can learn to trust another a person until we’ve harnessed our own strength. Readers are asked to sharpen their fangs and venture through the wilderness within– because not all animals live in the forest.

“… this book is like that perfect decadent dessert you only get as a rare treat. You want to savor it, but really, you’re going to devour Animals We Are in one sitting!” — Indies Today

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


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