The Arx

by Jay Allan Storey

Ex-Homicide Detective Frank Langer is a broken man – but he’s all that stands in the way of a deadly conspiracy.

Since a mental breakdown put him on medical leave from the squad he was once hand-picked to lead, Frank spends his days drinking and chain-smoking, and his nights waking up screaming from a horrific recurring nightmare.

Then one day, by chance, he stumbles on a monstrous plot to kidnap children.

When he shows up at the squad with his wild story, the guys pat him on the back and tell him to go home. But after the mother of one of the missing children commits suicide, Frank stamps down his demons, and together with the dead woman’s sister Rebecca, plunges into the case.

He uncovers a shadowy entity lurking behind one of the richest and most powerful Pharma corporations in the world. When he finally unravels the mystery, the truth is more bizarre and deadly than he ever imagined, and telling Rebecca would put her life in danger. Soon even she comes to question his sanity.

Frank has to warn the world of the danger. But can he stay alive long enough to find someone to buy his story?

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies

Black Sun

by Cameron Curtis

Breed is on vacation when he sees a group of men open fire on a car. In the gun battle that ensues, a girl flees from the vehicle and Breed pulls her to safety. Her name is Julia and she was abducted by the men in the car.
Outnumbered, outgunned, and now on the run, Breed is determined to figure out who is after Julia and how he can keep her alive.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

The Slime Mold Murder

by Ellen King Rice

Dylan is intellectually gifted, but he’s out of cash, soap and eats. Meanwhile his profound ADHD makes conventional work unlikely. When offered good pay for a botanical survey, Dylan tries but is distracted by slime molds. He ‘ll need to focus before human predators take over the woods.

Kirkus Reviews says, “Characterization is Rice’s strength; she’s packed this volume with memorable characters, including a sexy sculptress, an elusive nature photographer, and a prickly visiting professor. As with her earlier works set in the Pacific Northwest, she effectively shines a spotlight on nature, in this case, slime molds.

A Winner of a IPPY Gold Medal for best regional fiction.

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