The Key

by Kathryn Wise

He who controls social media controls the world.

A sinister force seeks to do just that, and nothing is going to stand in the way. All it needs is one final piece of the puzzle.

When a disruptive pattern of social media outages escalates, bad ass data forensics specialist Rachel Vaughn is called upon for her expertise, setting her on the hunt for an algorithmic key with the power to take down the entire global infrastructure.

Guided by an otherworldly group of four, Rachel has been entrusted with the missing puzzle piece, and the bad guys know it. With Special Ops agent Grayson Blaine by her side she survives her first day on the job, outmaneuvering the enemy in what may prove to be her most dangerous assignment ever.

Will Rachel find the key before the entire social media infrastructure is hijacked? And as the outages continue, can the world function without its social media fix, or is it too late?

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

A Dear Abby Cozy Mystery Collection Books 1 – 3

by Sonia Parin

Curl up with these small-town cozy mysteries filled with humor, fun and the quirkiest characters around!

End of the Lane (Book 1)
Abby Maguire’s first day in a new town and new job could be her last. Instead of writing about the weekend bake sale, she has to give a statement to the police. There’s a killer on the lose but the finger of suspicion is pointed at Abby.

Be Still My Heart (Book 2)
Abby Maguire is in a rut and in desperate need of a scoop, not another dead body, but that’s what she gets. Everyone has turned up at the fundraiser picnic, and everyone is dressed in 1920s costumes, including the dead body she finds.

The Last Ride (Book 3)
A carousel. A body. An inheritance.
Functioning on limited coffee rations, Abby Maguire goes in search of the elusive Eden blogger only to stumble upon a body and a mysterious inheritance. There’s a killer on the loose and he might be working his way through a list…

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Fatal Starts

by Diane Capri

Bestselling JESS KIMBALL SUSPENSE THRILLER SERIES Begins Here. Special Edition. Special Price. Limited time. From award-winning New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author DIANE CAPRI in this special combined edition of the first novel and first novella in the highly addictive Jess Kimball Thrillers Series.

Introducing Jess Kimball, the relentless heroine you’ll really love. Jess is on a mission only she believes in, only she can complete. Her son was stolen. She wants him back. While she searches, she’s on your side.

Jess is a fiery woman, driven by her own past to fight for crime victims the justice system has failed. How can she win against killers who refuse to follow the rules?

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies

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