by Sarah Hualde

Dark roast and death omens.
It’s just your average workday for Penny Nicols.

Penny is haunted by a secret.

One that forces her, and her snarky cat, to move around in her tiny house on wheels.
As Penny settles into a new town, she realizes something much darker is afoot.
The Raven, her nemesis, has tracked her down once again.
She finds herself in a race against time to vanquish the darkness and save those around her.
This case is like nothing she has faced before.
To solve it, she enlists the help of two Podcasters of the Paranormal.

Will Penny ever be able to outrun her secret?

What will she discover along the way?

One thing is for sure; nothing will ever be the same again.

Jump into the first Paranormal Penny Mystery and hang on tight.

This fast-paced supernatural series will captivate you from start to finish.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Darkest Place

by Jaye Ford

What if a someone is watching you as you sleep – and no one believes you?

Carly Townsend is starting over on her own, in a new town and a beautiful new apartment, determined to leave the memories and failures of her past behind. But her dream of a fresh beginning is shattered when she’s woken in the dead of night by the shadow of a man standing next to her bed.

There’s no evidence anyone has broken in and no way an intruder could reach her fourth floor bedroom – yet it happens again. And again.

With the police soon doubting her story and her psychologist suggesting it’s a dream, Carly is on her own. And being alone isn’t so appealing when you’re scared to go to sleep …

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Sunset Coast Cottage

by Hayley Summers

Grayton Beach is where people go to heal. Using the last of her funds to buy a run-down cottage, Marisa struggles to heal from her past scars as she grows closer to her supportive sister and troubled niece… and when the handsome widower Arnold walks into her life, she begins to rediscover what love and family really means.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

The Dead-End Job Mysteries: Volume 1-3

by Elaine Viets

This funny and fresh cozy series—about a woman on the run from her cheating ex and her court-ordered alimony. Follow Helen as she takes one dead-end job after another finding murder and mayhem along the way. Lots of laughs and great suspense.

The first three books in the dead-end job mystery series available in a single box set edition!

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Category: Mystery – Series

K-Town Confidential

by Brad Chisholm

Young lawyer Holly Park is hired to defend teenager Naomi Linser – charged with murder in the stabbing death of the local Councilman. The crime takes place in a gritty Koreatown ‘room salon’ with Naomi holding the murder weapon. The case is tried in the L.A. media and everyone takes sides. No one will guess the plot twists in K-Town Confidential.

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Category: Thrillers – Legal

After the Devil

by Kayla Krantz

Writing has always been a dream of Alex Alpine’s. After a run with self-publishing leaves her short of her dream of becoming a bestselling author, she decides to quit. Jamie Knox, a recovered addict, can’t bring himself to accept her decision.

After a fight with her husband, Alex finds herself face to face with a seemingly charming man from out of town. The next thing she knows, she’s tied up in his basement. Kidnapped and trapped in Jamie’s house in the middle of the woods, Alex yearns for her freedom. The dead body keeping her company makes the need stronger.

As her captivity extends from weeks to months, Jamie becomes more to Alex than just the man who ripped her from her family. He becomes her friend and confidant. Torn between her duties to the daughter she left behind, and the life that Jamie’s made for her, Alex must figure out where her true priorities lie. To do so, she must dive into not only her own past traumas but Jamie’s as well.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

The Ambitious Card

by John Gaspard

Magician Eli Marks is the top suspect in a series of murders. His greatest trick? Not becoming the next victim.

Psychics are being murdered and all the clues point to magician Eli Marks: one of his playing cards keeps turning up at every crime scene. What begins as a simple Halloween magic show turns into a deadly cat-and-mouse encounter as the body count rises while Eli frantically attempts to clear his name.

It doesn’t help that his ex-wife’s new husband is the lead Homicide Detective on the case. Or that Eli appears to be the only thread tying all the murders together.

Then things get really complicated when romance blooms with a beautiful psychic who may—or may not—hold the final clue to this murderous mystery. Eli can’t help but be drawn to her, even though falling in love in the midst of a murder spree is never a good idea.

As all the pieces of this deadly puzzle begin to fall into place, Eli must use every trick he knows to uncover the true killer … before he becomes the final victim.

“This is a hugely entertaining crime novel, packed full of comedy….Warm, funny and well-plotted—a book to brighten any grey day. Do read it!”—FictionFan’s Book Reviews

“The Ambitious Card is intelligently written and … entirely engrossing.” – Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

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Category: Mystery – Series

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