Gold Fever

by Steven Becker

Where can you run when you need to escape your past?

The Caribbean isn’t a place where Nick and the crew of the Panther can sail freely any longer, so they set off on their biggest adventure yet: Around Cape Horn to join the San Francisco Gold Rush.

The opportunities in the lawless gold fields are uniquely suited to the crew’s abilities—and eerily similar to their pirate past.

Their new adventure is fraught with danger, excitement, and the ultimate risk as they face broadsides, raging rivers, deadly fires, and above all, the greed instilled in men. To survive, Nick and company have to use their experience and cunning to outwit the raucous’49ers.

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Category: Thrillers – Historical

Special District: Harbin

by Tim Stickel

A 1929 murder in the gritty Russian-Chinese streets of Harbin…

Borya Melnikov is a mixed-race patrolman in Harbin’s Special District police force, a young honest man who takes his job seriously. When he’s promoted from chasing pickpockets to investigating a high-profile murder and dismemberment, nothing can prepare him for the dark secrets he will uncover along the way.

Paired with the legendary senior Inspector Chinn, they begin their investigation, tracing the victim’s and murderer’s footsteps through the city’s most upscale boulevards to its seediest boroughs and even to the frontiers of Manchuria. As they unravel the deadly mystery, danger abounds in the form of ethnic prejudices, local power struggles, and a growing Red terror campaign. And with a brewing border war with the Soviet Union fueling the instability of the region, the clock is running out to solve this dark and prominent murder.

Borya’s unique background might be the key to cracking the case where others have failed, but can he and Inspector Chinn survive long enough to do so?

First place winner of the 2021 North Street Book Award for Genre Fiction

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Category: Mystery – Historical

The Complete 7 Book Old School Diner Mystery Series

by Constance Barker

Join the gang at the Old School diner as they solve murder mysteries with a twist. When a man is discovered with a stake to the heart after a deadly tornado, townsfolk aren’t sure if it was foul play, a gruesome accident, or if vampires are on the loose. Hi-jinks, laughter and crime solving are on the menu in the hilarious 7 book series.

This 7 Book Box Set includes these books:

Murder at Stake
Murder Well Done
A Side Order of Deception
Murder, Basted and Barbequed
Murder Ala Mode
The Candy Cane Killer
Blue Plate Slayer

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

To Kill a Saint

by Michael Swiger

2021 THRILLER OF THE YEAR – AudioBookReview

A young woman is ritually murdered on the altar at St. Andrew’s Church at midnight on Friday, October 13th. Pastor Howard Jamison is covered with the victim’s blood. A Satanic Bible sits on his desk.

With his career in shambles and his socialite girlfriend pregnant, attorney Hunter St. James is assigned the case. His crusade for truth hurls him onto a life-and-death collision course with a Halloween night cult killing, with the slightest misstep costing his life.

Psychologist Faith McGuire, recently divorced with a special-needs son, longs for a second chance at romance. A confluence of deadly events thrust her into the epicenter of this whirlwind thriller, threatening everything she loves.

With suspense on every page, Amazon #1 Best-Selling author Michael Swiger demonstrates why he is a favorite among mystery, suspense and thriller fans.

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Category: Suspense

The Valley Of Lost Children

by David Barbur

It starts with a footprint. It ends with a murder.

When someone attempts to abduct a child, and a local resident is murdered, wildlife tracker and wilderness survival expert Tye Caine is drawn into a web of hidden secrets and madness.

If you like mysteries set in the wilderness, with a hint of the supernatural, download Valley of Lost Children today.

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