Deadly Shore: A Thriller

by Andrew Cunningham


It’s July 5th, and the Cape Cod roadways are clogged with tourists heading home from the holiday weekend and trying to outrun an approaching catastrophic hurricane. But in the blink of an eye, their lives are thrown into chaos when terrorists bring down the bridges to the Cape, destroy the airport, and disable the ferries.

Instantly, a half million terrified people have no way to escape. And when the terrorists threaten to release anthrax on the captive population if their demands aren’t met, fear turns to all-out panic.

With Category 4 Hurricane Chad barreling up the coast on a path for a direct hit on Cape Cod, it becomes frighteningly clear to everyone trapped on what has now become an island–one way or another they are probably all going to die.

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Category: Thrillers – Terrorism

About Roxanne: A Psychological Thriller

by Nina Atwood

Roxanne has a loving husband, two adorable daughters, and a shining career in law. But it is not enough to eclipse her addiction to the perfect gin martini. Until a near-fatal, head-on collision changes everything. After waking from a coma, which stimulates old, buried memories, she sets out on a dangerous quest to uncover the truth of her high school best friend’s long ago, tragic death. But her quest puts her in the sights of a ruthless killer. Someone with horrifying secrets, and everything to lose. Will she get to the truth, and back to her life in a new, addiction free way? Or will someone silence her forever?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Beachside Murder

by Maisy Marple

Book one in a brand new mystery series from the bestselling author of the popular Connie Cafe series.

A young woman murdered on the Fourth of July.
A bumbling and incompetent local police chief.
A feisty Private Investigator and her Boston Terrier.
A fast paced, funny and thrilling mystery.

From bestselling author, Maisy Marple, comes a brand new mystery series that merges the charm of a cozy mystery and the fast pace of a thriller novel. Hit the buy button to read the new series from the mystery writer that thousands of readers have read and loved!

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

The Perfect Husband

by Iain Maitland

Gentle, bookish Laura marries The One – Robert.
But when Laura falls pregnant, his mask slips and she realizes she’s married a total stranger, a man governed by dark impulses and darker secrets.
As Laura discovers the truth about him, she realises that she and her unborn child are in danger. Just how far is she willing to go to protect her baby?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Viriditas: The Great Healing Is Within Our Power

by Aaron William Perry

This gripping eco-thriller is a must read this fall. Brigitte Sophia, a genius mathematician and computer scientist, dedicated her life to developing advanced AI for her supercomputer, OTTO. After she cracks the code, she finds herself on the run, chased by sinister paramilitary operatives who want her AI code. Thrust into a heroine’s journey of epic proportions, she embarks on an urgent mission to restore the life support systems of our shared global home.
“An exciting novel that combines environmental activism with romance and high adventure. It addresses important issues around the connections between AI, world crises, and possible solutions. Perry has crafted a novel that makes serious topics fun to read.” —John Perkins, NYT bestselling author. “Perry’s debut novel navigates the knife edge of fiction and prophecy. Buckle up for Viriditas!” —Brook Le Van.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers

You’ve Got Tail

by Renee George

Kidnapping, murder, romance, and a town full of people hiding the truth will keep Sunny Haddock busy as she tries to unravel the strange happenings in Peculiar.
Moving from California to a small town called Peculiar in the Ozark’s with my BFF Chavvah Trimmel should’ve been a total fun-fest. But then her older brother goes missing and our plans are put on hold.

That is until she mysteriously texts me for help before going completely radio-silent.

I’d always heard small town people are friendly and welcoming, but that isn’t my experience. These locals are not only unfriendly, they’re downright hostile.

Even Chavvah’s hot younger brother Babel strongly suggests that I haul my butt back where I came from.

I’m undeterred.

I’m not about to go anywhere until I find out what happened to my bestie and her brother and solve the mystery this town is trying so hard to hide.

I may be psychic, but it doesn’t take a fortune teller to see things are about to get real hairy in Peculiar!

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