Lock Up: (Detective Qigiq Book 4)

by Joe Klingler

Twenty-year-old Mylin sits in a cell, dreaming of playing her viola again. With every breath, she relives the inferno that destroyed her instrument and her life as she knew it. When FBI Agents offer to help her, she’s tempted. But can she trust them?

And how will the watching dragon eyes react?
“Perfect for fans of international intrigue, police procedurals” -Manhattan Book Review – 5 STARS
Winner 2023 NYC Big Book Awards

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals

Poison at Penshaw Hall

by G B Ralph

New release at special launch price! Addison Harper is back, and with another dead body at his feet. Only this time, the entire town saw it happen. Jump into this delightful cosy mystery series featuring a chaotic cast of local busybodies, delicious baked treats, a demanding and disdainful ginger cat, a very slow-burn romance with a rather appealing policeman, and of course… murder!

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

The Better Mother

by Emily Shiner

Zoe and Ethan are happily married. Then 13-year-old Micah shows up saying Ethan is his father. His mother is missing and he’s come for help.
As he stays with them, they realize there’s something off about Micah.
And when his mother’s body is found and the police start looking for the murderer, Zoe realizes he might already be in her home.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Murder, I Spy

by Lynn Morrison

When a bright young man teams up with a glamorous femme fatale, the identity of a murderer won’t be the only secret they’ll unmask.

Lord Rex is determined to discover who killed his best friend. He turns to the only person capable of helping him find out – Theodora Laurent, London’s most notorious femme fatale. When someone takes a shot at their heads, they’re catapulted into a race for their lives, where identifying the murderer is their only hope for survival.

There’s just one problem. The murderer isn’t the only one keeping secrets…

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Category: Mystery – Historical

Romano’s Family Restaurant Cozy Mysteries Box Set: Books 1-6

by Rosie A. Point

Get ready for an afternoon of cozy mystery reading with this six-book box set by a USA Today bestselling author…

When Gina Romano opens her Italian family restaurant, she’ll do anything to make sure it’s a success. Including solving six murders! Join Gina as she figures out whodunit and saves her friends, her family, and her restaurant in cozy small town, Lake Basil, New York.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

The Homemaker

by Miranda Rijks

Busy Imogen is thrilled when she hires Maria, the perfect homemaker.
But Maria has a sinister agenda.
And when she discovers Imogen’s secret, she threatens to reveal it unless Imogen gives her control of the house.
As Maria’s horrifying plan becomes apparent, Imogen realises that everything she holds dear may fall victim to The Homemaker.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Mischief Night Murder

by Joy Patrick

This Halloween, it’s all tricks. No treats.

It’s her first Halloween since being back in sleepy Mangrove Bay, FL, and former urbanite-turned-amateur-sleuth Vivian Blake is feeling the town’s excitement as they prepare for the October festivities. Skeletons, ghosts, witches, spiders. And one corpse. A real one.

Mischief Night—or Pirate Night as it’s called here—wouldn’t be complete without a reenactment of the eerie tale of pirate Captain Treader and his ship, The Bloody Cutlass, that was said to have capsized off the coast of Mangrove Bay.

The quirky locals love their spooky tradition. Well, all except one.

Up in arms about Pirate’s Night corrupting local youth, spoilsport Marion Leggett’s bent on undermining the celebrations, whatever it takes. Amid the chaos, a town resident ends up dead, accusations fly, and law enforcement rushes to find the killer.

But with costumes, hauntings, and pranks galore, finding the murderer becomes a little extra tricky.

With the local sheriff at his wit’s end and Vivian’s friends now suspects, she can’t help but put her sleuth skills to work. Enlisting the help of Ben, Haley, and their new friend Calvin, Vivian races against the clock to untangle the twisting, murderous web before it’s too late.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy