Run For Your Life

by C. M. Sutter

With the weekend right around the corner, Homicide Detective Mitch Cannon is looking forward to Saturday night. It isn’t often he has a date, and this one will be particularly interesting. His new friend Liza is beautiful, edgy, outspoken, and somewhat odd.
But Mitch’s usual Friday-morning phone call to his mom sets the wheels in motion for five days of pure hell. Mitch’s sister, Marie, has gone missing without a trace. His date is canceled, and Mitch’s partner, Devon, and Liza also go missing the following night. The only clue is a call Mitch gets from someone whose number is blocked, the anonymous speaker saying, “Ticktock, ticktock.”
Mitch and the entire Habersham precinct set out on a white-knuckle search to find his sister, partner, and new friend before time runs out and all three are gone forever.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


The Doomsday Medallion

by Avanti Centrae

The next standalone installment of the #1 international bestselling “Da Vinci Code meets Tomb Raider” VanOps thriller series is a heart-stopping story of spies, lies, and family ties.


Sixteenth-century French prophet Nostradamus predicted the Great Fire of London, Napoleon’s conquest, Hitler’s rule, and the atomic bomb. Can the VanOps team keep the old seer’s secrets out of blood-stained hands?

“Epic.” —

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage


A Matter of Payback

by J.C. Fields

Twenty years ago, Michael Wolfe lost his wife to a suicide bomber on the streets of Haifa, Israel. He learns a man named Mohammad Al-Qaedi built the bomb used in the attack.
Fast forward to the present day. Britain’s House of Parliament and Big Ben are targeted by Al-Qaedi. The President of the United States sends Wolfe to London in an effort to assist MI6. He is successful in stopping the massive bombing and, in the process, eliminates the terrorist source of weapons and funding.
In a fit of rage, the Iranian extremist vows revenge.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies


The Key House

by Mike Curtis

“Great adventure story suitable for the whole family!”
“This story captured my attention immediately and was full of fun twists and turns.”

A newly inherited house. A 150-year-old secret. And some mysterious, hidden clues.

Join Caleb and David in this fast-paced Hardy Boys meets The Goonies edge-of-your-seat mystery/adventure, as they seek a rumored treasure and clear their great-great-grandfather’s good name.

After moving into a newly inherited house, the Noland kids discover clues to a supposed treasure hidden by their great-great-grandfather. But when town rumors and some spiteful neighbors suggest foul play was involved, Caleb and David set out on a quest to prove otherwise.
With unexpected dangers looming large and threatening their mission, can the Noland kids discover the mysterious treasure, or whatever lies at the end of their treacherous adventure, before time runs out and all is lost?

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Category: Mystery – Series