Blood in the Bayou

by C. M. Sutter

FBI agent Jade Monroe heads to Louisiana where human bones have been found deep in bayou country, and the locals aren’t too excited about the FBI poking around. A helpful hunter offers to break through that barrier for Jade, but a bone-chilling blindside ensues. A dangerous cat and mouse chase through the swamp is just the beginning, yet the question remains—is Jade the hunter or the hunted?

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


A Shot of Murder (A Charley Hall Mystery, book 1)

by Brenda Gayle

A murder in a male-dominated world. A reporter determined to solve the crime. Will she end up above the fold, or get buried in the back?

1948: Kingston, Canada—Charley Hall knows she’s a better reporter than any man in the newsroom. Frustrated to be demoted to the women’s page so her job on the city beat can be given to a returning soldier, she refocuses her energy into locating her brother who disappeared after his latest bender. She’s horrified when her search leads to the woman last seen with him, found dead with a bullet in her neck.

Driven to catch the killer and clear her brother’s name, Charley encounters a mysterious cop from out of town who’s showing an intense interest in the case. But as she uncovers the victim’s murky past, tracking down the shooter could land the intrepid journalist in the obituaries.

Can this gutsy gal prove her investigative skills and live to tell the tale?

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


The Bloody Rose

by Christopher Stanfield

What happens when your best friend discovers your dark secret?

Life was already complicated enough for Apple Rose. After all, bubbly cheerleader by day and ruthless serial killer by night isn’t an easy feat to pull off. Even if her victims might deserve their twisted fate. But when her best friend, Cindy Nix, learns the truth, things becomes about as thorny as can be.

In some ways, Apple has always wanted to be seen and to have someone know the truest nature of her heart. But even this turn catches her by surprise. Will her bond with Cindy shatter now that the ugly truth is known, or will Apple be surprised again?

It was certainly tricky enough before, but now it’s about to get a whole lot worse. Especially with a complication neither see coming.

Whatever happens next, one fact is crystal clear… the truth can be a dangerous thing.

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Category: Crime Fiction


Death on the West Cliff

by Jan Durham

When the night watchman at the West Cliff Art Gallery is found dead, everyone in Whitby is baffled.
All the alarms were disabled, so why didn’t they steal anything? Widow Liz McLuckie is determined to find out.
When her investigation leads her into the murky world of art fraud, she plans a heist of her own. What could possibly go wrong?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


Search and Destroy

by Paul Heatley

Oscar Zavala has escaped from prison and is ready to take revenge on the men who put him there – Tom Rollins and his former black ops unit.
Oscar’s first team fails to capture them, but Tom knows he will never give up.
Tom realizes they have to bring the fight to the enemy. But facing Oscar may be the deadliest battle Tom has ever fought…

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Category: Thrillers – Military


Death By Chance: A Josiah Reynolds Mystery

by Abigail Keam

Halloween is right around the corner when Lady Elsmere throws an elaborate Civil War costume ball. Wearing a nineteenth-century ball gown, Josiah ventures into the party’s corn maze to find her dog, Baby, and take him home, only to find Baby standing over a fallen scarecrow. But is it really a scarecrow?

Josiah doesn’t have time to find out because someone dressed as the Grim Reaper bolts out of the shadows, swinging a scythe and heading straight for her.

Our heroine picks up her skirts and flees, yelling, “Murder! Murder in the corn maze!”

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