by C. M. Sutter

Crime happens, even in small towns like North Bend, but when Amber Monroe and her fellow detectives from the Washburn County Sheriff’s Office are called to the home of a retired forensic psychiatrist, they find a macabre murder scene that would rival any Halloween horror film.
When a local EMT and a former deputy go missing that same week, law enforcement conclude there has to be a link between the three cases. With no clues to guide them, the detectives are stumped until they begin a search through old court files.
New information emerges that could break the case wide open, but when the names on the perpetrator’s kill list are revealed, apprehending him is all that matters. His intentions have become more than personal and crystal clear. Washburn County’s finest may be next, and they don’t have the luxury of time on their side.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


Samet Suspense Sampler

by CB Samet

Four action-packed stories from four-time award-winning author CB Samet. Dive into adventure as these brave heroes and heroines face dangerous villains, risking their lives to save each other and save the day.

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Category: Suspense


Death Takes a Detour

by Shereen Vedam

A murder. A mystery. A legacy to uphold.

Abbie Grimshaw’s road to recovery from a traumatic experience takes her on many journeys. On a whim, she stops at St. Michael’s church and runs straight into more danger.

This time, there’s a supernatural complication: she can see—and talk to—the Earl of Ashford. He died in 1816, but death doesn’t stop him from charging Abbie with the safety of two young orphans.

She never imagined life would send her literal demons to battle, but Abbie is a Grimm, like her mother before her. There’s a long legacy of defending the innocent at stake.

If she cannot master child-minding and demon-slaying simultaneously, her own legend will be short-lived.

If you enjoy ghostly tales with a fairy tale flavor, you’ll love this new face on the Grimm scene.

Pick up this magical adventurous mystery today!

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


Don’t Tell Them I’m Alive

by Tim Kizer

In August of last year a superyacht named Lady Athena disappeared with 27 people onboard. Twelve months later, plastic surgeon Natalie Finlay meets a man who looks exactly like one of its passengers. What she doesn’t know is that he is a vicious killer.

When a body with multiple stab wounds is found in her bedroom, Natalie becomes the prime suspect in the case. It’s up to Detective David Hudson to find out what really happened.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


The Midnight Special

by Frank Reteguiz

“The Moment You Play God is the Moment He Shows You How Powerless You Really Are.”

The rich and powerful gather deep in the bayous of Louisiana to witness the birth of a scientific creation that will forever change reality. A savage storm traps them inside the inventor’s mansion, and an impossible murder blurs the line between guilt and innocence. Join in on this one-of-a-kind murder mystery about the fight for time and fate, where the answer to the crime lies within a paradox. Can you solve the murder?

Everyone is a Suspect.
Time is the Scene of the Crime.

For those who love Stephen King, H.G. Wells, Quentin Tarantino, and Christopher Nolan then prepare for a wild ride of mystery, suspense, and action.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers


Autumn & Autopsies (Connie Cafe Mysteries Book Three)

by Maisy Marple

Autumn, Apples, and Murder
Autumn has always been one of Connie’s favorite times of the year.
And this year’s no different, with the annual Apple Festival in full swing.
With Connie’s Cafe celebrating its official opening, nothing is going to spoil this weekend…
Except, maybe, murder.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


The Last Variant

by Jason James

The charismatic but divisive President Harrison leads his devoted militia, The Patriots, to wage war against all who stand in the way of his continued reign. Senator Gabriela Garcia is Harrison’s young, astute, and tenacious rival candidate, but none of that matters when she’s infected with the last variant. Desperate, Senator Garcia takes the experimental Horus Vaccine as it’s rushed out to the world in a last-ditch effort to stop the spread of the fatal variant and rescue humanity from extinction.
The vaccine’s unintended side effects expand her consciousness, radically transforming her perception of reality. Sixty percent of the vaccinated population experience the same mind-expanding side effects as Senator Garcia. The remaining forty percent do not and develop a violent distrust toward the enlightened majority.
Will the blind devotion of the Patriots, fueled by President Harrison’s quest for power, be the spark that ignites a civil war? Will Senator Garcia, allied with a small circle of influencers, be able to unseat the president and unite the fractured country, ushering in a new and enlightened era? One thing is certain—after the last variant, humanity will never be the same.

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Category: Thrillers – Political