Tequila Midnight

by Kathryn Dodson

Two women. One missing, one hired to find her. When the hunter becomes the hunted, she’ll need more than tequila to survive the night.
Texas. Jessica Watts won’t let anyone hurt her again. Scarred from her parents’ corruption and lack of love, the hard-boiled cross-border broker drowns her misery in the bottle and seals off her heart. But the tough-as-nails woman softens when a Mexican tycoon with shady connections begs her to locate his missing daughter.

Starting her search by interviewing the missing woman’s friends, Jessica wonders if she’s taken on a fool’s errand when her probing questions leave her beaten and drugged. And as the twisted trail leads from Boston to Central America, the stubborn sleuth fears reaching her quarry might only make things violently worse.

Hunted by dangerous thugs and her own demons, can this dealmaker-turned-detective survive long enough to at last find peace?

Tequila Midnight is a gripping suspense novel. If you like haunted heroines, gritty determination, and terrifying twists, then you’ll adore Kathryn Dodson’s riveting tale of redemption.

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled

Murder On The Dunes

by Donald Steven Collins

Detectives had no answers when the naked bodies of three Craigs List escorts were found on the dunes of Fleming Beach, a small coastal village on Long Island’s South Shore. When pressed by reporters, they couldn’t say if they were connected to the decomposed bodies of eight female sex workers that were discovered twelve miles away wrapped in burlap sacks and left to rot in the thickets along Ocean Parkway, the dumping grounds of the Gilgo Beach Killer.

Was one person responsible for all eleven deaths, or was there a second killer out there, or possibly a cabal?

There was no way of knowing. County detectives said they had their eyes on three suspects. Fleming Beach detectives said they had one person of interest and he wasn’t one of the county detectives’ suspects.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals

Don’t Trust Her

by Cathryn Grant

When Dylan and Parker’s childhood friend, Eden, comes home to attend the memorial for his murdered sister, Dylan invites Eden to stay with them.
But Parker is worried Eden still carries a torch for Dylan.
And when Eden brings up questions about the murder, Parker’s fears only escalate.
Can Parker get rid of Eden before she destroys her family?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

The Patient

by Cole Baxter

James has just been released from a mental institution after serving time for a murder he doesn’t remember committing.
Under house arrest, he’s haunted by hallucinations and bizarre memories which may not be real.
He fears that he is sliding into uncontrolled insanity again.
But is he? Or is he being manipulated by someone with a sinister agenda?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Vampires, Bad Luck and Frying Pans

by Allyson Snow

“When a woman has a kitchen utensil between her fingers, raise your hands, take three slow steps back, turn around, and run for your life!”

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Category: Mystery – Cozy