Murder on Board

by Peter F. Turner

On a cruise trip from Rome to Casablanca, Swiss detective Pierre Bradt finds himself investigating the unexpected murder of an Italian passenger. The murderer is presumably one of the other cruisers sitting at the very same table as Bradt, but who?
As the detective questions the diners, their hesitation, reticence, contradictions and ambiguous behavior reveal more than one had a murder motive, and certain clues are merely a premeditated attempt to mislead him and misdirect his investigation…

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

The Killing Woods

by Linda Berry

#1 Bestseller in Psychological Thrillers in Kindle Store!
After years as a homicide investigator in a big city, Detective Sidney Becker accepts the position of police chief in her hometown—a peaceful mountain community in Oregon. Life is good. Beautiful scenery. Low crime. Close to family. Then a woman is found brutally murdered in the woods. The staging of the body resembles a victim found in the same area years earlier. The case went cold. Now the killer has come out of hiding. The only clue found at the crime scene is an origami butterfly with a handwritten verse inside. Sidney finds she is pitted against a killer more cunning than any she has faced before. She must decode his cryptic message and lure him into the open—before he strikes again.

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Category: Mystery – Series

That Was Before

by Dan Lawton

“Buckle up for a full-throttle thriller drawn with full-bodied characters.” –Best Thrillers

An hour after Randolph Spiers quits his job as a mechanical engineer, he finally approaches the woman he’s eyed at the supermarket, only to watch it explode minutes later with her trapped inside. The old Randolph would have gone home to his adulterous wife and forgot about it.

That Was Before.

The new Randolph tracks down the woman and drives her cross-country without a plan or Midwestern destination in mind. Even with his old life in shambles, that may be the least of his problems. The enigmatic woman next to him is running from her past too, and as trouble closes in and the truth behind the explosion is revealed, he’s forced to question everything he thought he ever knew and felt-and everyone.

Now he must decide whose side he’s on. And he doesn’t know who to trust.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime