Horror Bound 2

by Elena Blake and Samara Capaldi

Murder. Spirits. Cannibalism. Haunted Forests. Revenge. And so much more…

A loveless marriage. Forgotten vows. Revenge has never been so evil.

He knew the marriage has been ending for a while.

She wouldn’t grant him the divorce.

So he took things into his own hands.

Now she wants revenge against him.

Which means visiting from her grave.

Horror Bound is back to present another collection of stories by horror authors Elena Blake and Samara Capaldi’s most blood-curdling ghost stories. Seven dark and bloody tales have been unearthed from the grave, and are certain to make your souls cringe.

This book contains seven never before told stories to keep you up at night.

If you are a fan of monsters, ghosts, murder and mayhem, you will love these tales of sheer horror!

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Jungle Fire

by Dana Mentink

Twists. Turns. And a family secret you never saw coming . . .

Nina Truman heads to the bus for a much-deserved furlough from her nursing duties. On the side of the road, a uniformed soldier stands idly, casually holding his gun—of little concern to her; soldiers are not uncommon south of the Mexican border. But he suddenly switches off the safety and opens fire, sending the occupants into chaos. Out of the forest storms Shaw Wilder and his bomb-sniffing dog, Axel. An improbable hero, who thinks being a missionary is like “shoveling sand uphill, useless,” also blames Nina for his sister’s death.

Join Nina and Shaw on an expedition where every turn can mean death and discovering the truth may make life even worse. A page-turner right to the very end.

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Category: Suspense

Pawsitively Poisonous

by Melissa Erin Jackson

Amber Blackwood, lifelong resident of Edgehill, Oregon, has earned a reputation for being a semi-reclusive odd duck. Her store, The Quirky Whisker, is full of curiosities, from extremely potent sleepy teas and ever-burning candles to kids’ toys that seem to run endlessly without the aid of batteries. The people of Edgehill think of the Quirky Whisker as an integral part of their feline-obsessed town, but most give Amber herself a wide berth. Amber prefers it that way; it keeps her secret safe. But that secret is thrown into jeopardy when Amber’s friend Melanie is found dead, a vial of headache tonic from Amber’s store clutched in her hand.

Edgehill’s newest police chief has had it out for Amber since he arrived three years before. He can’t possibly know she’s a witch, but his suspicions about her odd store and even odder behavior have shot her to the top of his suspect list. When the Edgehill rumor mill finds out Melanie was poisoned, it’s not only the police chief who looks at Amber differently. Determined to both find justice for her friend and to clear her own name, Amber must use her unique gifts to help track down Melanie’s real killer. A quest that threatens much more than her secret …

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Pawsitively Cursed

by Melissa Erin Jackson

Though the fire that killed Amber Blackwood’s parents had been ruled an accident, Amber has always suspected someone from the fabled, cursed Penhallow clan was responsible. Her family thinks she’s paranoid—so it’s a shock when her aunt shows up, claiming that a Penhallow has resurfaced, and that he’s heading for Edgehill … and Amber.

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Intentional Consequences

by Charles Harris

Wealthy American political elites, Chinese agents and a social media exec craft a geopolitical cyber conspiracy to sweep the 2020 presidential election and restructure American democracy to single party rule. Caught in the middle, Eva Johnson, a smart, beautiful artist and tech company founder, teams with a young newspaper reporter to unravel the facts and rain havoc on the players. A brilliant blend of fact and fiction. Chillingly real politics, technology and issues. Whatever your politics, it’s the one book to read before the November election. You will never look at American politics the same way again.

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Category: Thrillers – Political

Girl With Three Eyes

by Priya Ardis

She would hate her third eye less if it actually gave her special powers. But when a killer threatens the kingdom, will she risk her freedom?

“..draws readers in…a well-paced story that delights without disappointing” –Kirkus Reviews

Sixteen-year-old Kira puts on a show about having empathic abilities, but she miraculously wakes a highborn boy from a coma after a near-fatal accident on mountainous slopes. When his father threatens to expose her “magic” to the queen, she attends the kingdom’s most elite academy as a bodyguard.

Soon, she’s immersed in a strange new life–one of being a simple student trying out for the school’s skyboarding team. Her fake life becomes the life she’s always wanted, but Kira cannot escape who she truly is. Nothing in the court of the Raj is as it seems…Will she risk her freedom to unmask a killer before the crown falls?

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Category: Thrillers – Political

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