Thy Killer’s Keeper

by Edita A. Petrick

The FBI Agent John Salton is just as good at hiding dark secrets as he is at making himself appear as an ordinary, everyday person.
What are the secrets that John is hiding, and just how deep actually is the rabbit hole of his life?

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime

The Evil and the Pure

by Darren Dash

A dark, fast-paced, hard-hitting thriller packed full of twists and memorably twisted characters, set on the bloodstained streets of London. A gangster is trying to raise funds to buy legitimacy. A young drug dealer is scheming to move up in the world. An unscrupulous man is exploiting an innocent young woman. A killer has returned to his old stomping ground. A mob enforcer will draw these men of evil together, and in the darkness they will confront their demons… and each other.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

The Fireproof Girl

by Loretta Lost

There’s no escaping the horrors of the past…


I’ve felt it all, endured it all,
And I’m still standing.
Tattered, torn, nearly destroyed,
But I’m still going,
Moving on,
Moving forward,
With a good job and stable relationship.

But the truth of his murder sends me into a tailspin,
A downward spiral of agony and hurt.
He was my brother, my protector,
My everything.
Suddenly, I’m struggling for safety, searching for survival,
And ready to destroy whoever took him from me.

For now, I’m Sophie Shields and this is my tragedy.

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Category: Mystery – Series

Slash in the Pan

by CeeCee James

Georgie Tanner and her best friend, Kari have known each other their whole lives. Georgie was maid of honor at Kari and Joe’s wedding, so when Joe is accused of a horrific murder, Georgie is determined to learn the truth.

The details look bad- a body was found in the subdivision under construction where Joe is the general contractor. The body has Joe’s favorite knife sticking out of it. To make things worse, the dead man is Devon Walters, Joe’s professional rival.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

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