Witches, Histories, & Murders

by Scarlett Moss

Phoebe’s life was a hot mess, but inheriting an island and the ability to chat with the dead? That’s a whole new level of chaos. Not to mention the body in the attic.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Into the Lion’s Den

by S.E. Biglow

Reverend Margot Quade never expected to be dropped in the midst of a murder. She just wanted to get reacquainted with her hometown of Port Marie, Vermont, maybe find her place in the world again after serving her tour of duty. But when a friendly dinner with a member of her unit turns deadly, she’s pulled into a mystery she can’t help but solve.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Chained By Conviction

by R.M. Demeester

The community is outraged when Robert Hall, a philanthropist and devoted family man, is murdered by Kobe, a stranger.

Among the chaos, Elle, Kobe’s fiancée, is certain of two things: Kobe loves her, and he did not kill Robert. But as the weight of circumstantial evidence swallows Kobe whole, Elle vows to exonerate him at any cost. Yet, in a world that doubts his innocence, who will dare to believe?

An online sleuth, claiming to be a former co-worker, steps forward with a burning disdain for Robert, sharing a common goal to expose the real truth behind his façade. But can Elle truly trust them?

Elle struggles with a haunting question: If Kobe is truly innocent, who else wanted Robert dead? And just how far is Elle willing to go for the man she loves?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Love in the Time of the Improvised Explosive Device

by JR Pomerantz

Jim is wracked by grief, and though he hasn’t quit his job, he has stopped working. Rather than firing him, his bosses offer him a job at the FDA’s new international branch, located—for reasons he doesn’t quite understand—in Afghanistan.
As soon as Jim lands in the country, he knows he’s in over his head. He can’t deal with the heat, the altitude, or the constant danger—to say nothing of the fact that everyone he meets seems to be holding a gun. His job, as best he can figure it out, has something to do with the pharmaceutical potential of rare earth minerals recently discovered in the country, the kind that could make a lot of rich people even richer.
Jim soon realizes he’s walked into a game much bigger than he’s qualified to play, one of espionage, terrorism, and secrets that hit the upper echelons of the U.S. government.
A twisty and engaging thriller with an unlikely operative at its center.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies

Charm School

by Cate Martin

Amanda Clarke thinks of herself as perfectly ordinary in every way. Just a small-town girl who serves breakfast all day in a little diner nestled next to the highway, nothing but dairy farms for miles around. She fits in there.
But then an old woman she never met dies, and Amanda was named in her will. Now Amanda packs a bag and heads to the big city, to Miss Zenobia Weekes’ Charm School for Exceptional Young Ladies. And it’s not in just any neighborhood. No, she finds herself on Summit Avenue in St. Paul, a street lined with gorgeous old houses, the former homes of lumber barons, railroad millionaires, even the writer F. Scott Fitzgerald. Why, Amanda can practically hear the jazz music still playing across the decades.
Scratch that. The music really, literally, still plays in the backyard of the charm school. Because the house stretches across time itself. Without a witch to protect this tear in the fabric of the world, anything can spill over. Like music.
Or like murder.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Silent Thunder

by Stephen C. Perkins

In a world ruled by lords of illusion – there are only predators and prey. When Christoper Burrell, a deadly assassin and maverick CIA operative, and Robert Vincent, a cagey veteran FBI agent, team up to investigate a sinister sound and light frequency experiment involving a shadowy corporation and a strange Hollywood cult, they discover a hidden non-human enemy which for centuries has fought a quiet war with silent weapons against humanity.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies

True Crime Storytime Volume 7: 12 Disturbing True Crime Stories to Keep You Up All Night

by M. Moore

A family vacation that took a dark turn where no one came back. And when they do, it was in the most gruesome way possible. A girl goes missing while biking. The only clue appeared miles away later. A picture of her, tied up. In this true crime collection, you’re going to explore more insane stories that led to many sleepless nights for the police.

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Category: Suspense