DON’T LIE TO ME (Eva Rae Thomas Mystery Book 1)

by Willow Rose

When twelve-year-old Sophie Williams went on a Girl Scout summer camp, she never returned home.

Three months later, her body is found inside her sleeping bag in the most frequented area of Cocoa Beach, and the town is outraged.

The girl isn’t just any child. She’s the town’s most beloved surf idol, and it was believed that she could be the next Kelly Slater.

As another child, the son of a well-known senator is kidnapped, and the parents receive a disturbing video, FBI profiler Eva Rae Thomas — who has just returned to her hometown, divorced and out of a job — plunges into the investigation, breaking her promise to her children not to do police work again.

Local law enforcement, with her old flame Matt Miller in charge, are the ones who ask for her help in a case so unsettling that only she can solve it. But the deeper they dig, the deadlier it becomes for Matt and Eva Rae. Soon, everyone she holds dear is in grave danger as this case hits a little too close to home.

DON’T LIE TO ME is the first book in the Eva Rae Thomas Mystery Series and can be read as a standalone.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


Chow Down (Hotshot Book 4)

by Mike Faricy

Former cop, Dickie Mullins, owns the Emporium of Dance. A sleazy pick-up bar about to go broke. Rae Nell, Dickie’s ex-wife, is having an affair with NFL washout, Terry Taggert. Terry is starting a steak business. Rae Nell thinks it would be a good idea if Dickie improved his menu. Meanwhile, Terry’s principal investor, ‘Dr.’ Craig Cullen wants out, NOW! But Terry has just the plan for the ‘Dr.’ Cullen…

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Category: Mystery – Collections & Anthologies


Dear Sister

by Ruth Harrow

Rachel will do anything to protect her sister, Laura. When their long-lost father shows up and makes a shocking accusation, Rachel discovers everything she thought she knew was wrong.
As he works his way into their lives, she doesn’t know who to trust. One of them is hiding a terrible secret.
Can Rachel discover the truth before it is too late?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


Gamblers Fools and Fate On The Road To Key West

by Michael Reisig

Once again, The Hole In The Coral Wall Gang is up to their eyeballs in wild misadventure and incredible circumstance.
The hundred-year-old Coiba Penal Colony off the coast of Panama is an island swarming with convicts, inside and outside the prison walls, and yet, by the strangest of fates, this extraordinary tropical isle possesses an ancient, incredibly valuable secret that could change the world.
Kansas and Will along with their team, find themselves challenging this strange island while trying to dodge wild desperadatos, prison soldiers, and a crazed island commandant.
If that weren’t enough, there’s the South Florida mafia, who also want what the team has discovered.
Startling! Clever! And very funny in places.
(While part of “The Road to Key West” series, this book is a great “Stand Alone Read” and a great introduction to the series!)

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Category: Suspense


Like a Thief

by Sara M. Barton

Angus and Annie, passionate foodies and members of the Golden Fork Club, are always on the hunt for great cuisine, but when they attend an elegant party at a hotel, murder is on the menu.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy



by Mark Yarwood

When Devon and Cornwall Police begin to investigate the strangulation and skinning of a young man, they discover the remains of a missing child nearby.

Having recently arrived from London, DCI Peter Moone is put in charge of the case alongside the tough talking local DS Mandy Butler. They soon find themselves sinking deep into a dark world of child abuse and murder.

With his last case in London still haunting him, Moone feels ill-equipped to solve the investigation and ends up seeking help from sinister quarters. But soon the detective wonders if he’ll even live to regret his decision.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


Dead at Third

by Gregory Payette

Henry Walsh knows he’s more than just another washed-up ex-cop. A straight-shooter who lives on a boat and likes a drink or two, he runs security for a local baseball team. When third baseman Lance Moreau is found dead, cops arrest a teammate for his murder. It’s up to Henry to prove he didn’t do it. All he has to do is find the real killer…

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