Three, Four … Better lock your door

by Willow Rose

An electrifying novel from a #1 bestselling author.

It was supposed to be a night of fun, pleasure, lust, and pain for Susanne Larsen when she agreed to meet with a stranger from an S&M chatroom. She met him for dinner that later led to casual, anonymous sex in the hotel room at the local inn.

But someone else showed up in the room, and suddenly it was no longer a game.

Zeeland Times star reporter Rebekka Franck and her photographer Sune are covering the case for the newspaper, and soon they find themselves deeply involved in a story of terrifying horror and ugly secrets.

It is the sequel to the International bestseller One, Two … He is coming from you.

$0.00 Previously $4.99

Category: Suspense


Arabian Deception

by James Lawrence

When life takes an unexpected turn this once by the book Army Officer must step into a world of danger and deception.

Pat Walsh is a highly decorated infantry officer living life between the lines until the day he picks the wrong side in a Pentagon political battle. When an old Army buddy recruits Pat to work as an asset for the CIA, he reluctantly agrees, and his adventure begins.

Caught up in the shadowy world of Middle East Arms dealing as a CIA contracted arms dealer, he stumbles upon a conspiracy that is re-shaping the region and threatens to draw the world into a global conflict. Now that he knows the secret his life is on the line.

To survive Pat must uncover who is trying to kill him and take them out before he loses his own life. To do this he must travel across the Arabian Peninsula in a journey filled with action, intrigue and adventure.

The origin story of Pat Walsh and the characters that he works with is exciting and engaging. A fictitious account of many real-world events as seen through the eyes of a man with a sense of humor, a love for the sea and a personal knowledge of the regions the novel takes place in. Although part of a series each book is stand-alone and can be enjoyed as such.

If you’re a fan of Rapp, Reacher or Horvath, you’ll love this Pat Walsh adventure, featuring the latest military tech, captivating characters and non-stop action.

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Category: Thrillers – Military



by Peter Martin


When twelve-year-old Billy’s eight-year-old sister is diagnosed with cancer, it shatters their happy and loving family. To see her suffer for months before a painful death tears them all apart. Billy’s father takes to drink, his mother has an affair and Billy is left to grieve on his own.

When Billy’s father he finds out about his wife’s infidelity he is heartbroken. He begs her to stay, but unrepentant she leaves him for her lover and asks Billy to come with her. But he opts to stay with his dad.

A year later having heard nothing from his mother, they receive a letter in post from her solicitor filing for divorce. The settlement forces them to sell the house and move into a bedsit, which Billy hates. He is now torn between his mother and father but it seems his mother is more interested in her partner than him.

After losing his job, Billy’s father hit’s rock bottom and again turns to drink. Then out of the blue he announces they are to move in with his mother again. Is this true, or is something more sinister going on?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


Spirits, Pies, and Alibis

by Nicole St Claire

She’s a kitchen witch who can’t cook and there’s a dead guy haunting her dreams. Will moving to a B&B on a remote island in Maine be Tamsyn’s worst decision yet? A string of bad luck sends Tamsyn jumping at her great aunt’s offer to start but when she finds out she’s a witch, she enters a strange new world of spells, magic, and accidentally exploding blueberry pies. With the help of her coven and the dreamy local doctor who leaves her tongue-tied, Tamsyn must figure out the truth behind a local man’s plane crash so that his ghost will stop haunting her dreams. Will Tamsyn’s life ever be normal again?

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Mystery – Cozy


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