The Harlech Beach Killings

by Simon McCleave

When the body of a businessman washes up on a secluded North Wales shore, Detective Inspector Ruth Hunter is anxious to prove she can nail the killer. But as she digs into the dead millionaire’s business affairs, DI Hunter discovers a disturbing link to an infamous drug lord. Can Hunter take down the mobster before he orders a highly personal hit?

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

I Won’t Let You Go

by Cole Baxter

After fighting with her cheating boyfriend in a bar far off the highway, Emily storms out. But her car won’t start so she begins to trudge down the desolate road.
When a stranger, Daniel, offers her a ride, she refuses. But he won’t give up and starts a terrifying game of cat and mouse with Emily.
Will she ever get off the lonely road alive?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Spooks and Spells Complete 6 Book Series

by Constance Barker

Join Celestial Meadow as she battles against magical and mundane forces to help solve murders in her quaint town. She’s a witch with a knack at candle making, but she can also brew up some kick ass spells when need be.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Halloween Hayride Murder

by Linnea West

Earl wanted to stop the Halloween Hayride. Someone ran him over with it. Can the Hayride get back on track before Halloween is ruined?
Tessa is back in her hometown, picking up the pieces of her life as a young widow. To help pass the time, Tessa joined the Halloween Hayride Committee. Plans are going great but then Earl whisks into town threatening to shut down the beloved Hayride and someone takes it upon themselves to run him down with the tractor.
Now Tessa’s gotten herself tangled up in the mess, tripping over clues and getting more and more involved. Someone has to get the Hayride back on track and she has decided that someone has to be her.
The only problem is that while Tessa is trying to solve the case, the murderer is keeping an eye on her. Can Tessa figure out who ran over Earl before the tractor-riding killer strikes again?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

The House With No Address

by Curtis Maynard and Lisa Livaudais

Wanting the most for his wife and daughter, Jake seizes the opportunity, when he’s offered a promotion at work. Even though his family must relocate, hours away from the place they call home, accepting a significant increase in income from his law firm seems like the obvious choice. Except, it’s not. With an ongoing, housing crisis, Jake grows increasingly desperate. So, when a friendly, middle-aged man enters their lives, providing a solution, Jake jumps at the offer. It’s an amazing twist of fate. However, fate isn’t always a good thing.
Gabrielle, Jake’s wife, begins to experience oddities within their new house. Repeatedly confronted by a partially-burnt man, she is convinced that the house is haunted. When their daughter is taken hostage, the possibility of this becomes an unfortunate reality.
Will this every-day family survive the paranormal activity that incessantly invades their home?
Or, will they succumb to this evil entity, who’s mission is to destroy them? Find out, in THE HOUSE WITH NO ADDRESS, the paranormal thriller that will leave you sleeping with the light on.

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Category: Suspense