Sins of the Father

by Vincent B. Davis II

NYC, 1928.

Violence seems to follow the Consentino family. Alonzo brought his family to America to save them from a life of crime. Will his sons break the mold, or will they follow in his footsteps? During prohibition and The Great Depression, filled with flapper girls and gangsters, this is a crime thriller sure to keep the pages turning.

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Category: Crime Fiction

The Hawk Enigma

by J.L. Hancock

“A head-spinning plot, adrenaline-fueled action, and a mind-blowing premise. The Hawk Enigma is one you won’t want to miss.” – Susan Furlong author of Shattered Justice, A New York Times Top 10 Crime Novel of the Year

Voodoo, a gifted military technician, struggles with harrowing memories of war and the emptiness that comes with loss. To cope, he’s thrown himself into his work for a secretive military research organization, purposefully leaving little time for anything else. Until one night, a familiar voice from Voodoo’s past interrupts his recurring nightmares with a cryptic prophecy.

At the same time, across the ocean in Japan, two world-renowned scientists go missing along with the secrets behind a powerful form of artificial intelligence called the “God Algorithm.”

To Voodoo’s surprise, he soon finds himself on the front lines of an A.I. arms race with the future of freedom at stake. Will Voodoo find the scientists in time? Or will the “God Algorithm,” a piece of code so terrifying it has the potential to shift global power, fall into the wrong hands? Find out in this mind-bending, relentlessly paced techno thriller sure to please fans of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan and Jack Carr’s James Reece.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers

The Ghost Camper’s Tall Tales: Destiny Falls Mystery & Magic Series Book 3

by Elizabeth Pantley

A magic mirror. An enchanted world. A mysterious ghost. A hilarious witch. An unexplained death. A sassy cat. A mysterious old man keeps popping up to tell Hayden a series of tall tales. Who is he? And is he actually glowing? Are his stories fiction, or is he telling her the history of her family, the enchanted islands, and the witch? And why did a dead body show up . . . of someone who is already dead?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

A House of Mirrors

by Liz Hedgecock

Enter a world of mystery and intrigue…

Meet Mrs Hudson: a young woman whose life is wrecked when her policeman husband vanishes on a routine case. Placed under protection by Inspector Lestrade, Nell Villiers is ripped from her old life and her own secret police work. Instead she must live as a widow, Mrs Hudson, in a safe house: 221B Baker Street.

With the case still unsolved, Nell vows to defy Lestrade and use her skills to discover what happened. She takes a lodger to cover her tracks; a young man called Sherlock Holmes. Before long, they are working together on Nell’s case. And soon there are two detectives at 221B Baker Street, not one.

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Category: Mystery – Historical

Travel Can Be Murder Cozy Mysteries: Books 4-6

by Jennifer S. Alderson

While traveling around the world, tour guide Lana Hansen lands in the middle of deadly mysteries. From a killer on the loose in Dublin to clients who gets snuffed out in Edinburgh and Rome, can Lana solve the cases before she’s the next to depart… for good?

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Category: Mystery – Collections & Anthologies

The Breakup

by Bert Murray

Unfortunately someone is attempting to murder the new woman in Michael’s life and that makes Michael a target now too. After a painful breakup with his girlfriend Michael quickly got involved with an older woman as he tried to sort out his turbulent emotions and start over.

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