Amish Lantern Mystery Series Book Set: Volumes 1-3

by Mary B. Barbee

Three compelling Amish mysteries with surprise endings in each – you won’t want to put down this collection of the first three books in the Amish Lantern Mystery Series. Grab your copy now and become absorbed in the intriguing mysteries that revolve around the lives of the Amish and English citizens of small town Little Valley, Tennessee.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Do No Harm

by James Cohoon

In Book 1 of The Medical Students series, altruistic Torrey and vigilante Matthew meet while attending Stanford Medical School. She wants to save lives; he wants to become a doctor in order to work at San Quentin where his father’s murderer is serving a life sentence. Matthew is seeking to exact the ultimate revenge.

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Category: Thrillers – Medical

Magnus Maximus 1: First King of Britain

by Brent Reilly

Based on real events called the Great Conspiracy of 367, the greatest Roman that you’ve never heard of must save Britannia from 5 allied invaders or Rome becomes history. Magnus Maximus translates as Maximum Great — that’s his name. He was a general who became a Roman emperor. Take a tour of antiquity and enjoy the 4th century today in this 30-book historical saga.

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Category: Thrillers – Historical

Dead In The Shadows

by J.C. Moore

What starts as a simple camping trip turns into more than Emma bargained for when she witnesses her friends being attacked by a madman slashing his way through their group. As she watches her friends die in a series of increasingly terrifying attacks, Emma must fight to survive as she realizes there’s something much bigger going on than just one killer hunting them down one by one.

If you are a fan of Dean Koontz, James Rollins, Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child, Stephen King, or Michael Crichton and 80’s Horror Movies, you will love Dead In The Shadows.
This is Book 2 in the Pine Creek Thriller series.

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Category: Crime Fiction