Grey Daze

by Michael Allan Scott

A Realtor, she’s smart and intuitive. A private investigator finds her uncle dead in his home. Haunted by the uncle’s bizarre past, Lance Underphal, a friend and freelance photographer steps in, exposing serial killers with the help of his dead wife.

Outside the box of King and Koontz, it’s one in a new breed of mystery thrillers. As seen on NBC. Dark. Different. Cinematic. A murder mystery thriller inspired by true events.

If you haven’t yet read Dark Side of Sunset Pointe or Flight of the Tarantula Hawk, you don’t need to. Grey Daze stands on its own.

Hard to put down, this one may keep you up nights guessing. Try a new thrill. Take the crooked path through Grey Daze.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


by Chris Phipps

Sarah Wagner, on her way to a remote cabin in upstate New York, takes a wrong turn in a blinding snowstorm. Her car slips off an abandoned road, and Tracy, the friend who invited her to visit, isn’t answering her phone. When Sarah finally makes it to the cabin, Tracy is missing. Sarah is trapped, not only by the snowstorm and her disabled car, but by the needs of Tracy’s young daughters, Lottie and Gracie. As the search for Tracy escalates, so do Sarah’s suspicions about the people around her. Are the little girls safe in that cabin? What is behind Lottie’s strange behavior?

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

After Alice Fell

by Kim Taylor Blakemore

2022 Silver Falchion Award for Best Historical. Marion Abbott, a Civil War nurse, returns home to find her sister Alice has died at the asylum to which she was committed — but is it suicide or murder? As Marion untangles family secrets and lies that bind, each step brings her closer to the truth – and even closer to danger. An Amazon bestseller in Historical Thrillers with over 11,000 reviews. ”…enthralling, haunting, and harrowing…” Emily Carpenter, bestselling author of The Weight of Lies

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Category: Mystery – Historical

The Intruder

by Daniel Hurst

Maria and William have it all, but when their home is invaded by David they face a terrifying fight to survive.
As David picks apart their carefully constructed life, secrets are revealed and soon David begins to wonder if they really are the defenseless couple he imagined.
By the time he realizes who these people are, it may already be too late…

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


by John Dean

When a wealthy man and a bigwig in a northern city is killed, detectives begin to suspect his family. But the simmering legacy of industrial unrest lies just beneath the surface.
No-nonsense detective John Blizzard is faced with this difficult case. Shaking out the skeletons in the closet will ruffle quite a few feathers.
A standalone murder mystery in a series of gripping titles.

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Category: Mystery – Traditional Detectives