Malevolent (Shaye Archer Series Book 1)

by Jana DeLeon

Shaye Archer’s life effectively began the night police found her in an alley with no memory of the previous 15 years. Now, she’s a PI who gets answers for her clients, and maybe for herself. When her new client Emma claims she’s being stalked, Shaye is determined to help. Emma knows her stalker, but the problem is, she killed him a month ago.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


Noble Man

by William Miller

Jake Noble, Special Forces veteran and ex-CIA operative, is living on his boat, trying to scrape together enough money for his mother’s cancer treatments. When the Agency offers him 150k dollars to track down a missing girl, Noble has no choice but to delve back into the seedy underbelly of Manila’s sex trade.

With the clock ticking on the girl’s life, Noble will need all of his old skills to survive. Every move he makes unravels another deadly secret and what he finds goes deeper than a random kidnapping…

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Category: Thrillers – Military

Noble Vengeance

by William Miller

When a friend and former teammate goes missing while on assignment, Jake Noble hops aboard the first plane to Mexico, determined to catch his friend’s killer and exact revenge.

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Curse Breaker

by J. T. Bishop

Grayson Steele is cursed.
In high school, a friend’s mother blames Grayson Steele for the tragic death of her daughter. Now, years later, Grayson is wealthy and successful, but on the brink of suicide. Because the women he loves are dying. And he can’t stop it.
Gillian Fletcher wants to help.
Knowing about Grayson’s circumstances, she derives a plan. Catch the killer who’s making Grayson Steele’s life a living hell. But there’s only one way to do it. She has to be the bait.
But solving Grayson’s curse could risk everything she holds dear.
As Grayson and Gillian’s plan takes shape, they must not only expose a killer, but also their feelings for each other. The further they go, the more secrets they will reveal. Secrets that will illuminate not just a murderer, but shocking truths that neither may be prepared to face.
Truths that will change their future forever.

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Category: Mystery – Series

High Child

by J. T. Bishop

Destiny can be a deadly choice…
Gifted with unique abilities, Royce Fletcher struggles to find his place in the world. Living a solitary life in the woods, he finds his quiet existence disrupted by unexpected visitors. Visitors he would prefer to avoid.
Despite his attempts to protect himself, Royce finds himself caught up in an unexpected romance, a local murder investigation, and a destiny he has little interest in pursuing.
The more he tries to pull away, the more drawn in he becomes, until he must face the demons that refuse to go away. Demons that risk more than just his life, but all that he holds dear.

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Partners in Crime

by William Bernhardt

The Grim Reaper is coming to the courtroom—where Daniel Pike and Ben Kincaid may face their final judgment.

In Florida, defense attorney Daniel Pike is stunned when his legal files are ransacked and his lover, Maria Morales, disappears. In Oklahoma, semi-retired attorney Ben Kincaid is horrified when his connection to this apparent abduction endangers the people he loves most. Desperate for help, Pike seizes Kincaid and hauls him on a cross-country road trip to discover what happened to Maria…and why a killer is so interested in a California murder case.

During the journey, Dan and Ben encounter Roswell aliens, San Diego cosplay, snowstorms, barroom brawls, assassination attempts, a cartel rubout, and an old acquaintance now behind bars. But someone dressed as the Grim Reaper is leaving a bloodstained trail of victims from one coast to the other. Every new clue points to a West Coast murder conviction—and a pending motion that might prevent a major injustice. Reluctantly, Dan and Ben agree to represent the defendant who might hold the answers they seek—or might make them the next victims. Will this be the capstone to their distinguished careers—or the final ride into the sunset?

Enthralling for newcomers and fans, Partners in Crime launches a new Daniel Pike series and also features Ben Kincaid, the author’s first fictional attorney returning after more than a decade. If you like spellbinding courtroom drama, unexpected revelations, and jaw-dropping action, you’ll love William Bernhardt’s thrill-packed legal road trip.

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Category: Thrillers – Legal


Severed Echoes

by D.V. Chernov

A “twisty” and “nerve-shredding” award-winning mystery: As the rookie detective Nick Severs works to solve a suspicious death in the small town of Pine Lake, Colorado, he has no idea that a female hacktivist group has already set their sights on him and that a dark chapter from his own past is about to catch up to him.

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Category: Mystery – Traditional Detectives



by Jeffrey Stuart Kerr

Miranda Flores is a survivor. But she faces an impossible task: finding refuge where none exists.

Her odyssey begins with her family’s murder in El Salvador. If she stays, she’s next. America beckons, but the land of her youth has changed, now deporting, locking up, or murdering people like her. When she narrowly survives a deadly nightclub raid, Miranda knows she must flee.

Her destination: Canada. Tracking her, a murderous government agent fired by vengeance. Ahead, betrayal is a constant threat. Where can she go when no place is safe?

Refuge, a heart-pounding thriller set in a not-so-distant future, hurtles like a runaway train toward a tense finale that will leave you breathless.

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Category: Thrillers – Political


Innocent in Las Vegas Box Set: Tiffany Black Mysteries Books 1-4

by AR Winters

Welcome to Las Vegas – and a series of cupcakes-and-crime mysteries! Cupcake-loving croupier Tiffany tries to solve four murders (and a daring art heist!) in this box set of four bestselling books. Her match-making mother and poker-playing Nanna insist on “helping” her out, as does her new friend and neighbor, Ian Ewanson.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy