Ure Infectus: The Chimera Adjustment: Book One (Imperium Cicernus 1)

by Caleb Wachter

The citizens of this seemingly-forgotten splinter of the Imperium hold one belief above all others: Only when the leaders fear the voters as much as the voters fear the leaders can harmony be achieved.

At the behest of the voting public, operatives—called ‘Adjusters’—exclusively punish political corruption, tyranny, and treason with the ultimate sanction: assassination.

This is the story of one such Adjuster, Jericho, who forges an unlikely alliance with an urban detective, Masozi, whose steadfast adherence to the Sector’s core principles have placed her in harm’s way. Acting together in a tenuous alliance, they will follow a trail of corruption across the Virgin Star System and witness the birth of a conflict which will forever change them—along with the entire Chimera Sector.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers


The Only Secret Left to Keep

by Katherine Hayton

Detective Ngaire Blakes is back on the case when a skeletonized murder victim is discovered – a crime that took place during the Springbok Tours of 1981. A period that pitted father against son, town against city, and police against protestors.

When the victim is identified as Sam Andie, a young African American man transplanted from the States to NZ by his family, Ngaire must investigate whether racial motives were behind the death. In line with evidence from the forensic pathologist, a police baton could easily have been the murder weapon. Or was his death connected to Sam’s girlfriend—a young woman convicted of a savage double homicide in the same week that Sam disappeared?

With files missing, memories hazy, and a strident false confession muddying the waters, Ngaire must sift through the detritus if she hopes to find the truth hiding deep beneath the lies.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


Rated R

by Mike Leon

A video store clerk finds out her coworker is actually the world’s second deadliest man. A secret death squad, a mystical ninja, a monster, and the world’s deadliest man all try to kill him. Hilarity ensues.

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Category: Thrillers – Pulp

Godless Murder Machine

by Mike Leon

After burning down the video store where he used to work, Sid Hansen gets a new job at GameStop. Islamic extremists send an army of suicide bombers to try to kill him. Hilarity ensues.

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The Junkyard Dog

by Robert Campbell

***Edgar Award Winner*** – The Junkyard Dog — Chicago is Jimmy Flannery’s kind of town. A tough Irishman with street smarts, he’s part of a political machine that runs on favors and friendships. Flannery’s particular piece of the patronage is the 27th Ward, and anything that happens there is his business. Even murder.

So, when an anti-abortion demonstration ends with a bomb blast that kills a pretty young girl and an old woman, Flannery takes it personally. But someone’s stonewalling the investigation, and Flannery’s starting to wonder if the bombing was political, or as a cover-up for murder. Something smells rotten — from the Gold Coast to the South Side. And when the killer goes after Flannery’s lady love, Flannery doesn’t just get mad — he gets as mean as a junkyard dog — on the scent of the dirty politics mixed with passion and revenge, a very deadly combination . . .

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators

The 600 Pound Gorilla

by Robert Campbell

*Edgar Award Winning Author* – From the outset, it promised to be an extraordinary assignment for Jimmy Flannery – Chicago tough-guy and precinct captain of the 27th ward. Freezing winter temperatures had overloaded the generator at Lincoln Zoo and now Baby – the city’s favorite gorilla – needs a place to stay.

Flannery thinks he’s found the perfect sanctuary, even though the Paradise Baths are better known as a social hot-spot for Chicago’s gay community. But when two men are found beaten to death in the Paradise steam room, only Flannery believes that Baby is innocent. And soon he is forced to put his own life in danger to prove it.

“From Robert Campbell, the author of The Junkyard Dog – We expect good writing, and the 600 Pound Gorilla does not disappoint – an expert piece of work in which wacky humor and high seriousness are palatably mixed.” – The New York Times Book Review

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