by Blair Howard

Jasmine was my first murder case as lead detective and it was doozy.
For eight years I’d played Dr. Watson to Harry Starke’s Sherlock Holmes, and then he was gone. He quit the force, leaving me without a partner. It wasn’t a good time for me.

It seems like I’ve been a cop all my life, almost twenty years, eighteen of them as a detective. And I’ve seen some terrible things, things that to this day keep me awake at night. Jasmine was one of the worst.

Welcome to the Lt. Kate Gazzara Murder Files of female lead detective, police procedural thrillers. If you like strong women, impossible odds, and complex mysteries, then you’ll love this gripping series opener.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

The Website

by Miriam Verbeek

Saskia van Essen, an amateur detective immersed in the world of the internet, works with Interpol and police around the world to track down those who misuse the dark net to post images of exploited children. She lands on Si’Empra to help Einar and Lian Marene find who’s the manager of a dark net site posting images of Crystalmaker children. In short order, she finds herself immersed in not only tracing code but untangling messy relationships with origins in past conflict and changing social rules.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime

Who She Was

by Braylee Parkinson

Sylvia Wilcox’s private investigator agency takes a cold case murder for a grieving husband. As she works diligently to follow leads, secrets and lies from the victim’s mysterious past stand in her way, leading the P.I. down a deadly path.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators

Crimson Winter

by K. Adams

Lucy Wang, a Chinese woman, leads an idyllic life in Montreal under the protective wing of her husband Patrick, an English Canadian entrepreneurial millionaire whose career is on the rise. Her crystal castle (in which plans to become a mother are included) cracks when she discovers that he´s having a passionate extramarital affair. Chance leads her to learn of a new unconventional method for tackling the problem, unknown in the West but all the rage in China, and goes for it. Torn between her internal conflicts and mixed feelings toward Patrick, Lucy ignores that in addition to standing up to her rival in love, she will have to face powerful adversaries in the shadows, to the point of risking her own life. Her dilemma: to accept defeat and quit or gather up the necessary courage to transform herself into a new woman and go further to meet the ultimate consequences.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies