News and Nectarines

by Carly Winter

She’s trying to report on the facts, but someone is framing her for murder.

A local nectarine orchard burning to the ground is front page news, and as the only reporter for the Tri-Town Times, Tilly Donner is determined to uncover the facts and find out who started the fire. That is, until she finds the main suspect with a knife in his chest, taking his dying breaths.

With the help of her two best friends and the local small town gossip vine, Tilly uncovers clues to help the police solve the case. But her plan backfires when the Sheriff believes the evidence leads to Tilly being the killer.

Can Tilly discover who committed the murder and prove her innocence before her reputation and life are ruined?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


Magically Murdered

by Joynell Schultz

There’s something magically mysterious about Moonstruck Manor, and Kyla can’t put her finger on it.
And neither can the police.

Two murders had happened on the property in the past six months, and it can’t be a coincidence. Especially since both murdered suspects just happened to be hired as breakfast cooks. That’s why the police called in Kyla, a witch, as an outside consultant to work undercover as Moonstruck Manor’s latest culinary mastermind. Unfortunately, although she might be able to detect hidden magic, she’s absolutely no good at whipping up breakfast.

But this bed and breakfast is filled with suspicious people, from the gardener who knows a lot about toxic herbs to the housekeeper who was having an affair with both previous victims, and then there’s the handsome bed and breakfast manager…a man Kyla’s attracted to more than she ever thought possible…but that’s just a bit of magic, too.

With the murderer targeting the bed & breakfast chefs, can Kyla solve the murder before she becomes the next victim?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


The Gamma Sequence

by Dan Alatorre

Geneticist Lanaya Kim must do what authorities haven’t—tie together the “accidental” deaths of several prominent scientists around the country to show they were actually murdered. Over the past two years, geneticists have died in what appear to be accidents, but Lanaya knows otherwise. If she tells her secrets to the authorities, she risks becoming a suspect or revealing herself to the killer and becoming an open target.

Hiring private investigator Hamilton DeShear may help her expose the truth, but time is running out. The murders are happening faster, and Lanaya’s name may be next on the killer’s list. But when Lanaya and DeShear start probing, what they discover is far more horrifying than anyone could ever have imagined.

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Category: Thrillers – Medical


Where Are They Now: a gripping serial killer thriller set in India

by UD Yasha

An explosive debut crime novel set in atmospheric India.

He hides in their house for days, watching their every move. He’s patient. Calm. Calculated. A shadow over their bed. Their screams are music to his ears.

Hello again…this is just the start, there will be more.

When a serial killer leaves a message for detective Siya Rajput at the brutal crime scene of a woman’s murder, she unravels a bone-chilling connection to the mystery that has tormented her since her childhood—the vanishing of her mother, who has been presumed dead for sixteen years.

The crime scene is eerily similar to the work of another serial killer. But Siya had put that serial killer in jail and he is now serving a life sentence.

Hunting down a monster could give Siya answers about her mother’s disappearance. Feisty and headstrong, but still reeling from the horrors of a devastating mistake she had made, Siya has dark secrets of her own. She must now return to the life that had once ripped her world apart.

Is Siya’s mother still alive?

Finding the truth could make Siya question everything about her life…and also get her killed.

Fans of Karin Slaughter, Lisa Gardner and Harlan Coben will love to meet Siya Rajput.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


Rose City Free Fall

by DL Barbur

Detective Dent Miller hunts killers on the rain-soaked streets of Portland.
Now they are hunting him.

Miller believes he’s trying to solve yet another murder case, but he soon stumbles on a shocking secret.

Framed for trying to kill his partner, Dent Miller is a man in free fall. He may have to tear the whole city down to find the truth.

Can an honest man win against rich, powerful enemies that will do anything to hide the truth?

Do you like action that is “non-stop, gritty, and believable?” Do you like thrillers that are “realistic and intense?”

Download this gritty thriller, strap yourself in, and cancel your appointments, because you’ll keep turning pages until you reach the explosive end.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


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