Sniper’s Nest

by C. M. Sutter

The ambush is in place, he takes aim, and shots ring out. Chicago is officially on notice, and a siege is underway on the city’s men and women in blue.
Detective Jesse McCord takes on the case and he soon realizes that he and the sniper have much more in common than anyone could have known. A dangerous game of cat and mouse begins. Taking on the killer face-to-face, and single-handedly, is the only way Jesse can protect his colleagues and end the attack on his beloved Chicago—the city he calls home.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


Trail of the Jaguar: A Clayton T. Porter Adventure

by Jonathan Hanson

Biologist, wildlife photographer, and tactically trained anti-poaching expert Clayton Porter witnesses what appears to be a routine drug-smuggling flight across the Arizona-Mexico border. Instead, he uncovers a sophisticated operation involving a secret lodge high in the Sierra Madre, canned hunts for endangered jaguars, a ring of opioid-dealing doctors in the U.S., and a string of cartel victims partially consumed by a large predator. After Porter unwittingly throws a wrench into the works and those close to him are targeted for vengeance, he embarks on a mission of total retaliation. Get ready for an edge-of-your-armchair ride with Clayton T. Porter, a new kind of action hero who’s as likely to employ a rattlesnake as a rifle against the bad guys.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies


The Danger Within

by E. L. Pini

He is a serial rulebreaker, and the Israeli Mossad’s best agent. But what happens when the hunter becomes the hunted, and he finds himself an enemy target?
Avner Ehrlich stands before the most cunning enemy he has ever faced – an enemy with sophisticated methods, that conceal the danger within…
Imad Akbariyah, a rising star in Al-Qaeda’s chain of command, recruits a doctor to perform surgeries on terrorists and implant their bodies with explosives that allow them to move freely through any security check. Imad will never forget the day when his father was killed by an Israeli commando officer. Years later, he dreams of the day when he will finally get his revenge on the man responsible.
As the violent chases intensify, The personal encounter between the two rivals is inevitable – and Ehrlich is fighting not only to prevent the killing of innocent lives, but to save his own.

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Category: Thrillers – Political


Coastal Tuna

by Don Rich

After the murder of a popular cable fishing show producer, Marlin decides to purchase it and to bring the show to Mallard Cove. Unfortunately, he doesn’t anticipate the pushback he’s going to get from the former cast and crew. And the show producer’s death was just the beginning. Marlin and his friends race to identify the killer. But is it a former cast member? Or someone with another itinerary? The clock is ticking… Can the Mallard Cove gang uncover the saboteur before someone else is killed?

Coastal Tuna is Book 4 of the Coastal Adventures Series but can be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel.

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Category: Mystery – Series


Eventide: A Chief Mattson Mystery

by R.L. Ryker

When a young woman is murdered on a local beach, former homicide detective Brandon Mattson fights to protect his hometown from a serial killer.

A year after his brother is killed in the line of duty, Brandon Mattson returns to Forks, WA to take command of his hometown’s fledgling police force. Brandon’s respite from homicide is short-lived when a body washes ashore on the nearby Quileute Reservation.

Vicious fang marks and a series of ominous vampire-related graffiti point to members of a local blood-sucking cult. But Brandon is not so sure wannabe vampires are to blame, and it soon becomes evident that more than one person had reason to murder the young woman.

Balancing the investigation and small-town politics while raising his fifteen-year-old daughter, Brandon is running out of time to solve the case before the bloodthirsty killer claims another victim.

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Category: Mystery – Traditional Detectives


Somewhere in the Mediterranean

by Mark Tiro

A ship desperate to escape World War Two, bearing priceless cargo, suddenly appears off the Mediterranean coast…

Fifty years after the war has already ended.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


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