by Marc McGuire

Its plot is smart and realistic, drawing on the fact that Paris has endured several religiously motivated terrorist attacks in the last decade, the book also grapples with popular distrust of America’s intelligence agencies. Against this backdrop, Doyle is a complicated hero who spends much time exposing duplicity within the CIA.

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Category: Thrillers – Political

The Plowman’s Plight

by E. A. Rivière

A plowman falsely accused and outlawed.

An alchemist’s virgin who is more than she seems.

A fiendish murderer hiding in plain sight.

Cathar country, (now) southern France, 1200.

When the woodcutter’s only daughter is murdered, the bailiff tries to arrest Bertwoin, who flees to a master alchemist and his professional virgin for help.

Bertwoin must find the brutal killer while the grieving woodcutter, relentless bailiff, and righteous monks pursue him. His search for clues takes him to an abbey corpse room, a torture pit near the Devil’s Doorstep, and the accursed home of a heretic priest.

When monks capture Bertwoin, wily Flowia rescues him from the dungeon and hides with him where no one would think to look for them.

To save his own life and another life as precious as his own, Bertwoin must outwit the sadistic killer who hunts them . . . and who he knows where to find them.

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Category: Mystery – Historical


by Gretta Mulrooney

Someone’s out for revenge.
The colder the better.

Eugene Warren is found at the local crematorium. But he shouldn’t be there. Nobody knew he was dead.

Detective Siv Drummond and her team are on the case. But the only person the victim seemed to be friends with is missing.

Now the search is on to track down Henry Kilgore. But what they find is Eugene’s car and a cryptic message:

Remember fun at Mallow Cottage.

What lethal secret lies hidden between the lines? Can Siv piece it all together before the killer strikes again?

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

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