Rock-a-bye Baby

by Willow Rose

“A horrifying psychological thriller. If you like American Psycho you’ll love this novella.

Lisa Rasmussen just had a baby and everything in her life seems perfect at this point. Only she wishes that everyone else around her would be as flawless as she is and stop getting in her way. And if they won’t listen, then she’ll make them.

ROCK-A-BYE BABY is Willow Rose when she is at her most horrifying. Every page of this book is oozing with dread.

“This serial killer makes Hitchcock’s “”Norman Bates”” look like a good guy!”” – Amazon reviewer”

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


Lies and Bones

by RJ Law

The victim has been meticulously mutilated. Left hauntingly arranged in the city’s dark alleys. She is the first of her kind. But she won’t be the last.

Rookie homicide detective Tracy Sterling has been thrown into the deep end. She’s navigating the city’s darkest corners to unmask a killer whose methods are as chilling as they are cryptic.

Who could commit such monstrous acts? And what is the sinister pattern hiding within their horrific handiwork? Tracy must grapple with a shocking lack of evidence, while potential witnesses seem to shroud the truth in fear and lies. And all the while, the nameless killer observes the investigation from the shadows, delighting in the terror he sows.

But Tracy isn’t just determined, she’s obsessive. And she won’t stop until she’s put every puzzle piece in place, exposing the killer, along with other shocking surprises that will shake the city to its core.

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Category: Mystery – Series


Maelstrom of Darkness

by D.W. Whitlock

A shadowy research facility. Far beyond oversight. Discovery has a price.

The Nocturne. A high-tech biological research facility representing the life’s work of visionary entrepreneur Clarissa St. Claire. Located deep within international waters, the facility is unregulated. Beyond oversight. Above the law. Their goal is simple: push the boundaries of science without the hindrance of regulation. But as dark rumors grow about the true nature of the research being conducted there, a powerful threat grows on the horizon.

Alex Schofield owes a debt, one that he can repay, but for a price. To escape his past, Schofield must visit the facility and discover if the research on the Nocturne really is the search for scientific truth, or is hiding a much darker secret. A secret that could change the future of humanity forever.

In this dark adventure thriller, D.W. Whitlock explores the high-stakes world of biological research and the potential risks to the future to humankind.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


Pirate Legacy Blessings and Curses

by C.S. Karl

Until a drug cartel corners her in New Orleans, Lilith isn’t aware of her ancestry transcending the centuries, where a pirate legacy emerged from a world of voodoo, discovery, and unrelenting danger. The past’s forgotten legends and myths awaken, forcing Lilith and her coworkers to secure an unconventional treasure before the drug cartel, and other threatening entities, do.

Forces, both seen and unseen, focus on the golf resort’s gift shop cashier as the key to finding a depository of wealth. Lilith relies on her friends to help solve the clues from a hidden map room buried deep below the French Quarter. After retrieving the clues, they take advantage of the golf resort’s complex underground to unravel the mysterious location and contents of the lost treasure.

Unknown benefactors send artifacts for Lilith’s adventurers to analyze, which send them on jaunts into the Caribbean. Each trip they take agitates an already bubbling cauldron of treacherous entities which seek to control the treasure’s secrets.

The treasure hunt will lead to an abundance of blessings, but with all eyes fixating there, a curse grows far below the depths of the buried map room.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime



by Ellen King Rice

Elspeth has mushrooming problems. After time in prison for selling psychoactive fungi, she is now working multiple small jobs. When her gig selling emergency survival supplies brings her to the attention of a lusty backwoods patriarch, a knowledge of mycology might help her escape, but will it be enough? This a story of suspense, mushrooms, alternative economies and dark forest dwellers.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers


Tokyo Black

by Andrew Warren

The CIA betrayed him. Now they need his help…

Thomas Caine was the CIA’s deadliest killer. Then he was burned, betrayed, and left for dead. Now he survives off the grid, in the seedy underworld of Pattaya, Thailand. But when a feud with local criminals lands him in jail, his old CIA masters return with an offer he can’t refuse… Rot in a hellish Thai prison, or accept one last mission in Tokyo, Japan.

Forced to hunt the neon-lit city for a CIA asset’s runaway daughter, Caine soon crosses paths with a sinister faction of the yakuza crime syndicate. When his investigation reveals a disturbing link between the missing girl and these violent killers, Caine finds himself drawn into a terror plot that could throw the US and Japan into chaos.

He’s been betrayed before. But this time, he’s not going down without a fight…

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage